Tuesday 22 April 2014

Blogger Holiday Take Three - Cake & Tea Anyone?

Blogger Holiday - Part Three is here.

I figured if I stretched out telling you all about it as much as possible, then I could relive the fab weekend a little bit longer.

Acceptable logic, right?

If you've seen Part One (here) and Part Two (here) of "A Blogger's Holiday Tales", then you'll know that the very generous folk at Sykes Cottages recommended to myself and seven other lovelies, their beautiful Mountain View apartment a few weekends ago, where we ate, drank and became fairly merry.

It was great.

But there's still some things I've failed to inform you of, but I shall be rectifying this right now.

First of all, on the Saturday, I was the first one up - Mums never sleep late - enjoying a lovely coffee courtesy of those brilliant Ringtons people and loving the amazing views provided by the location of the cottage.

What a pretty place to spend 7am.

Once everyone else was up, dressed and had sang "Happy Birthday" to Hayley's very lovely Mum - who insisted on cooking a fab breakfast for everyone regardless of it being her birthday - the majority of us headed off into nearby Kendal to see what we could see.

Obviously we saw a shopping centre.

Obviously we ventured inside.

Obviously make-up was sought out, and obviously purchases were made.

These things go without saying really.

As does the fact that the shopping made us ladies hungry and the only thing to curb the appetite at that point was to indulge in some calorie-laden, sweet food.

Which obviously we did too.

Turning a corner, we came across Kendal's Famous 1657 Chocolate House, which held a whole host of beautifully smelling, and judging by some of our sighs of delight, amazing tasting, chocolate treats.

I held out at this point and waited until we stepped into the cute little tea room upstairs and once inside I knew what it would have to be - a scone with jam and clotted cream and a nice pot of tea.

The scone arrived and it was huge, and very tasty indeed.  There was no trouble from me finishing it all off let me tell you.

Most of the ladies indulged in one of the many, very tasty sounding hot chocolates, but I was more than happy with a good old cuppa.

Back at our "home", the majority of us began getting ready for the evening, whilst some of our more avid sports fans popped the footie on the TV and got very much stuck into the match.

Thanks to Kelly's amazing, early morning baking skills, we had more cake to enjoy, which went down very nicely with some of the amazing goodies sent to us by the brilliant people at Ringtons (see here).

We had delicious tea and some very amazing tasting biscuits - so amazing, I'm not sure if I could choose a favourite - I'd gladly eat the full packet of them all.

The rhubarb crumble ones were great though, very different and they reminded me of those rhubarb and custard sweets from being a youngster.

Very Yum.

And can we just take a moment to gaze upon the beautiful Alice In Wonderland teapot, which is very unfortunately not mine (*sigh*) but is Kelly's...and I'm not sure she would have taken too kindly to me pinching it...although I really wish I'd tried...

Anyhow, back to the sport.
(did I really just say that??)

I'm more of a rugby girl myself, but I do enjoy a penalty shoot out as much as the next person - and this one was pritty tense, judging by Kate's screams and hollers it was anyway.

It was soon time to venture out, to the only place to calm frazzled nerves after such a tense match - the local pub.

We laughed, drank and annoyed the locals until it was time for home.

The word "home" did not relate to the word "bed" though, as there was an impromptu midnight stroll to the beach, plus a few more cheeky cocktails....which stretched w-e-l-l into the small hours...

...the "headaches" the next morning were very much eased thanks again, to the beautiful Ringtons tea, the Ringtons biscuits and for me, cups and cups of the Ringtons gorgeous coffee...

Thank You Ringtons - so, so much...

* Ringtons hamper provided for us to enjoy, free of charge - all thoughts, opinions and pictures are my own

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