Saturday 19 April 2014

Skincare Nightmare

What on earth is happening right now?

My face is just *urgh* and I am really, really sick of having skin worse than my fifteen year old teenage self.

I mean, come on - spot outbreaks at thirty - surely this isn't fair...?

I'm putting it down to my face being a little bit jealous of all of the other Blogger Holiday Ladies' skincare regimes, which were all quite fantastic.

My skin has obviously totally spit it's dummy out in a huge "care for me properly tantrum", which has resulted in spot central to break out.

I really feel that my skin is taking a stand and is forcing me to sort myself out, so I think I need to listen and take note.

So in a crazy, spot-fueled panic, I ran out to my local supermarket to find something - anything - that may help me, but they didn't really have a vast range to choose from to be honest.

In the end I opted for this Nivea 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner and this Clean & Clear Spot Treatment Gel.

And then the "Improve My Skin" Mission began.

After cleansing my face as usual with Quinoderm's face wash (see here), I massaged the Nivea Cleanser & Toner into my face as directed, and then removed it with a cotton pad.

In the past I thought a quick wash of my face was enough to remove all of the day's gunk - and boy, how wrong was I!

Using this product proved to me that this is 100% not the case, and it's pretty disgusting really to see just how much nastiness is left over on my skin, even after a good cleanse.

I thought this product worked really well.
It smells nice and rubs well over the skin.  Obviously it isn't all absorbed into the face, hence the need to remove it with the cotton pad, but I have found that my face does feel really clean and refreshed after I have used it.

Not to mention it removes make up too, so I now know that my face is as clean as possible before I jump into bed.

Oh, and it tones my skin too, so there's less fuss and I can move straight onto applying a small amount of Vinchy Hydrating Face Cream (see here) in a bid to help improve the moisture of my dehydrated face.
I've used this product for a while now and I really like the richness of it and how it absorbs brilliantly.

Then, to try and eliminate these horrible, bright red spots on my chin, I used a little dab of the clear Clean & Clear gel directly on the problem areas.

I think I was hoping for a quick fix cure using this so I was really disappointed when it didn't seem to be making much difference at all.

However, now that I have used it continuously for about four days it is drying up the spots a little bit, so fingers crossed it gets shut of them completely very soon.

It does say that the gel can be used under make up too, but when I attempted to apply foundation over the top of it, no matter how gentle I was, the rubbing motion of my foundation brush caused the dry layer of product to move, become really bitty and it all clumped together.

It became a bit of a rescue mission to pick all of the bits off of my skin before my make up was totally ruined.
Not ideal at all really, so I'll be saving this product strictly for bedtime in the future.

And then last but by no means least, I decided to totally treat my face to something it hasn't had in years (told you I was rubbish didn't I!) - a moisturising face mask.

I picked this mask up from a local pound shop and it was well worth the money.  It had a beautiful strawberry scent and was really thick and applied lovely to the skin.

I relaxed for fifteen minutes whilst it worked it's moisture-magic and looked oh-so-beautiful in the process...


But it was very much worth it.

After rinsing my face, my skin felt fantastic and so soft - even the day after, it still felt great.

I'll certainly be face-masking regularly now.

But I am still if any of you want to share any fab recommendations or skincare rituals it would be very, very welcome.

My face needs help

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