Friday 25 April 2014

Clothes I Simply Can't Live Without

When it comes to clothes and outfits, I'm not really a sentimental kind of a girl.

I have friends who have some fantastic pieces of clothing that their Mum's, or even their Gran's, used to wear "back in the day" which have been lovingly looked after and passed down to them.

And it goes without saying that they look really fashionable and amazing wearing them now.

But this is not me.


I tend to go on high-street splurges every once in a while, buy as much as I can and then wear it all to absolute death before it's ready for the bin.
And then the cycle begins again.

~ No family treasures.

~ No vintage heirlooms.

~ Just plenty of Primark, New Look and Top Shop.

* S I G H *

What clothing do I own that I simply can not part with?

Surely there must be something...?

It took a little bit of thinking and a trawl through my wardrobe, but then there it was!

It was so obviously obvious that I'm really not sure why it didn't jump straight into my mind at the very beginning.

The item of clothing that I simply can't part with is an item that I've owned for almost thirteen years now.

It's something that brings back a whole host of fantastic memories yet I can only recall wearing it the once.

And here it is:

Granted, the item in question is nothing really fancy or eye-catching, it is a just-above-the-knee black leather skirt which was bought from Oasis, and I'm sure it cost about £50 at the time.

To be honest, the price is probably part of the reason that I haven't thrown it out or given it away before now - paying that much money for a skirt isn't a normal occurrence for me let me tell you.

But the other reason - the main reason really - as to why I just can't part with this skirt is because it was bought especially for my 18th birthday party.

I absolutely had the best time at that party.

The place was packed and everyone I wanted to be there was.
I spent the evening surrounded by all my amazing friends and family, and I remember being the centre of attention at every moment and loving every second of it.

It was also the first time that I was daring enough to ever wear a short skirt...although that soon changed....!

2001 - and the skirt gets it's very first outing!
I've kept hold of this skirt for all of these years now and I really can't see me parting with it anytime soon, regardless of the fact that I'm very unlikely to ever wear it again, I'm sure it will keep very nicely in a little space, hidden away in my wardrobe for a little while longer at least.

Plus - and this is my favourite kind of plus - the skirt is actually a clothes size bigger than I currently wear at the moment.

I am absolutely loving the fact that within this skirt, I have an actual real-life item of proof, that at my grand old age of thirty years, I am smaller in size than I was at eighteen!

AND I've had a baby along the way too.

! Woohoo !

So there you have it - my item of clothing that I won't live without, and the reasons why I won't let it go.

I think I'll keep it forever...

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