Thursday 10 April 2014

Flowers, Flowers, Everywhere

I was very kindly invited to attend an event in London a few weeks ago based around one of my favourite things - lovely, beautiful flowers, that was titled "Girlfriends know each other's favourite flowers".

I was intrigued.

The event was held by at The Social Favourite Flower Shop, London and sounded like a lot of fun.
Like many a lady, I adore flowers and think they brighten up any room, or any drab situation.

No matter how dreary or miserable I'm feeling, a flower always makes me smile.

I'm still trying to persuade The Husband that bringing me flowers occasionally - even very occasionally - would be a very good idea to keep me happy.
I'm yet to convince him of this.

Anyway, as I am based in Yorkshire, a trip to London to attend the event was unfortunately a no-go and I had to decline the invitation.

Damn it

And then, even more "Damn It's" were muttered when I saw all of the brilliant photographs of the event that were kindly sent to me.

It looked like a fantastic day and the flowers were certainly very plentiful and very pretty.

Guests were treated to flower arranging workshops and cupcake decorating classes...using icing to make yummy, edible flowers.
But what I found most adorable were all of the amazing flower adorned hairstyles that each lady appeared to have.

Very magical and fairy-tale like.
I know for sure I would have loved this event and I'd love to attend one in the future...only perhaps a little closer to home.

Maybe next time...fingers crossed anyway

*photograps provided by cowpr &

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