Thursday 1 May 2014

Black & White #rainbownailsblog

Well as they say, better late than never, and finally, here is my weekly installment into the nail design gallery that is #rainbownailsblog.

As we all know by now, I don't have an arty bone in my body, but having a reason to sort out my nails each week has really improved the condition of them dramatically and this project of Kel's has been just the encouragement I've needed to keep looking after them.

And this week - the black and white week - was a week I was very much looking forward to.

Dark coloured nails are right up my street - even in the middle of summer I love to lather on all the deep, dark colours...which is probably why when I looked, I found that I had no black left in my collection.

Perfect excuse to visit the Barry M section in Boots I'd say...well a three-for-two offer warrants a few new purchases doesn't it.

So I bought these lovelies.

I've wanted a Matte Black polish for ever - so one went rapidly into the basket, and then I thought this silky, pearly white colour would be great for summer...if I can tear myself away from the black that is.

Which may be slightly impossible now I've actually tried this "Espresso" one - it's fantastic and exactly what I wanted.

It paints on the nails brilliantly and covers them with no messing about - nice and easy.

At first it looks all glossy and then visibly matte-ifys (is that even a word?) as it dries.

I applied another coat when the first one was dry and then the coverage was perfect.

All touchable and dry in no time at all and a fab, dull finish.

I love it.

The silky white "Pearl" polish is great too - it paints on easily, needs a few coats to cover properly but then once it is dry, it has a really smooth finish that is actually silky with a slight shimmery-sheen to it.

Barry M certainly does it again.

I'll be popping back to invest in a few more colours from both of these ranges that's for sure.

Lovely, Perfectly Monochromed Fingertips

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