Monday 5 May 2014

Loving A La Redoute Spring Coat

Summery days in England seem to be an exceptionally rare occurrence at the moment, so when the sun does make an appearance, I like to get outside and enjoy it to the max...and obviously drag the son away from whatever technological device he has glued to his hand at that moment in time.

And that's exactly what I did on the last sunny day we had.

Off we went to the woods for a little bit of exploration and a little bit of "checking out all of the nature".

It was great.

And even though I'm not really known for my love of anything mud or bug related, I do love a good old fresh air walk - especially when said "little walk" turns into a three mile round trip.

Exercise and my son is all ready for bed by the time we head home.


But as we know, even having some sunshine in England doesn't necessarily mean we get the warmth, which is why I was very happy indeed to have my new Double Breasted Boyfriend Coat to keep out the chill.

La Redoute - a French on-line shopping store - very kindly sent me this coat from their New Arrivals selection - which has lots of lovely, spring-ready items really suited for the warmer weather - and I'm very glad that they did.

The coat is a size ten but because it is a boyfriend fit, it is really over-sized which I feel gives it a great shape.
Plus, there's nothing worse than feeling all restricted because you decided to wear a jumper, or anything thicker than a t-shirt, and now your coat is too tight and uncomfortable - I just hate it, so this fit is perfect for me.

And whilst it is described as "soft grey" in colour, I would have to say it is more charcoal-y really.
The material is built up with flecks of brown and cream stitched into it, which creates a little bit of texture within the coat, giving it a really unique look.

Whilst the coat is labelled as being "a coat" and is fully lined inside, it isn't heavy or bulky or thick at all - it's more of a jacket in the style of a smart coat, making it perfect for warmer days when it's just not warm enough to leave the house without one.

The coat has two all important pockets which are really deep - they easily hold a phone with no danger of it falling out - and it fastens with one button at the front, helping create it's really smart look.

But it isn't too smart that it can't be thrown on over a pair of jeans and woodland appropriate boots.

Lucky for me eh.

La Redoute's Spring/Summer range is crammed full of lovely treasures like this.

And let's hope the sun continues to shine

*Item sent for an honest review - words and pictures are all my own

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