Wednesday 7 May 2014

Rainbow Nails #rainbownailsblog

So this is it - the end of an era.

Well, at least it is the end of an era for me and lovely, freshly painted, colourful nails each week that is.

Kelly's #rainbownailsblog is now over.

"Thank You" Kelly for thinking up this fab project - my nails are all healthy looking again after their weekly dose of Rainbow TLC.

But what am I going to do with them now??

No stressing about this required yet though - all is not lost - there is still today's installment to have a peek at.

Y - A - Y

And this week it's the turn of the "Rainbow Nails".

And naturally, having a new colour theme meant only one thing - I very much had to have at least one new polish to play about with for the post.

Of course.

(I think I'm developing quite the nail polish addiction.)

So anyway, there I was, on my way to have a little (*ahem* another little) 3 for 2 beauty splurge in Boots, when I decided to just pop into Poundland to pick up something very un-beauty related (I think it was for something like sandwich box drinks if you're interested) but nevertheless I still found myself drawn over to the beauty section...which tends to happen wherever I go these days...and to a stand filled with a vast array of very colourful bottles of nail polish.

Obviously once I spotted them I just had to have a few, and for only £1 each, how could I not really.

So into the basket went a few of the lovely, spring-time pastel shades.

I actually thought I had picked up five colours - one for each of my rainbow nails - but nope, I grabbed just the four so I had to improvise a little when it came to the actual nail painting.

My thumb had to have a little coating of my new Rimmel silver polish as I couldn't find anything else that fit in nicely - and it's new too so I wanted to try it out.

These Jess polish's are exclusive to Poundland and although I loved the colours in the bottle, when it came to the actual nail painting I found that they needed two coats to cover the nails nicely, and if I'm honest I could have probably done with a third coat for maximum un-streaky-ness.

But for only £1 each - I can live with the odd imperfection.

I wasn't keen on the really over powerful, chemical smell that these teeny bottles had though.
I'll be making sure I used them in a well ventilated room that's for sure, but again - they cost just £1, so I can cope ... as long as the windows are open...

And all of the colours were really lovely.

The silver Rimmel polish applied great, with it's wide, fat brush.
I've always liked metallic shades and although it's not entirely a "rainbow" colour, it is certainly a "go with anything else" colour.

So it worked really well this week.

#rainbownailsblog has now officially finished, ended and signed off.

I hope you've liked my little slice of project input.

However - this may not be the last you see of my have been warned

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