Sunday 15 June 2014

Veil Cover Cream

I recently watched a video of a very tattooed guy having all of his body tattoos covered up using make-up.
It was quite a W-O-W video and the make-up looked like pritty amazing stuff - not one of the tattoos were left on show at all.

Yes, obviously he had a full team of experts applying it all for him, but I mean this guy was seriously inked up.

So that got me thinking, surely if there's make-up out there that can work so well on such a vast amount of permanent tattoos, then it must be able to work mini miracles on spotty outbreaks.

Then I remembered I had something similar in my possession to try.

I had - very kindly - been sent a sample of Thomas Blake's Veil Cover Cream in a light/medium option to try out, and then had found another pack hidden in the depths of my goody bag from the fab Leeds May Meet.

Very intrigued at what it could do, I decided I should really give it a go.

Veil Cover Cream is not something I had heard of before but this particular brand has been around for nearly sixty years, aiding the coverage of a wide range of skin blemishes, discolourations and conditions.

Applied properly - 

~ pat small amounts onto skin
~ set, using the finishing powder 'patted' in with a cotton bud and a 'rocking motion'
~ never apply to broken skin

- Veil Cover Cream should become waterproof and contains a skin protecting SPF factor of 15.

I have to admit, I was a little intimidated when I first saw this product though, and just thought "What on earth do I do with it?", mainly because there were just so many different colour variations of the cream to choose from - 21 in total.

I mean, I can't even manage to colour match a supermarket foundation to my skin tone, so having to actually match, or try to mix a match, of my own cover cream combination....

...hmmmm... could end in a disaster...

But at least by having a wide range of colour options, there's likely to be something to suit most people's skin tone.

Anyway, on I plodded, and after holding up each sample colour to my face (professional I know...) I decided to mix a few different samples, and went with "No 3", "Beige" and a teeny bit of "Latte"

I mixed a small amount of these colours together onto the back of my hand, and came up with this concoction

Naturally - being my useless self - this turned out to be way too dark for my face, but I was eager to see what it could do so I used it regardless.

Onto clean, dry skin, I gently dabbed some of the colour all over and around my problem area - this being my chin.
It applied really easily and a lot like foundation really, but I found it covered really heavily.

I then dabbed a little of the sealing powder on top of the cream to make sure it all stayed put for as long as possible. 

Once it had all settled and dried, if I rubbed my face I couldn't feel that it was there at all - it created a barrier layer over the spots which could easily have "normal" make-up applied on top.

The Cream did a really good job at covering my zitty face, I just wish I was better at colour matching things and didn't always simply home in on the darkest colours instinctively thinking that they'll be OK.

And then because my initial curiosity had stemmed from watching tattoo coverage I wanted to see how it would stand up to those too - so I applied some to my very dark, very black wrist tattoo.

Again, the colour was all wrong, but the results were pritty good, not perfect, but that may have more to do with my inability to apply it properly than with the products capabilities themselves.

I think another few layers would be required for proper coverage of tattoos though - but it still did a good job.

Whilst this cream did cover my spots and my tattoo, for me, it just felt a little too heavy on my skin - as though I had too much product on my face.

I'm not really used to feeling 'weighed down' in the make-up department and prefer minimalism, but at least I know that I do have a face saviour in my make-up bag if any more of those horrible outbreaks do attack again.

Fingers crossed that they don't attack though...

*sample sent to test out and honestly review - thoughts and pictures are all my own

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