Sunday 22 June 2014

Essence - Things That I'm Wanting

After a very hectic weekend out in the sunshine, paddling in the sea and building sandcastles I woke up this morning VEEERRRYYYY late for our usual Sunday morning rugby ritual.

Rushing out of the door, I noticed a Tweet (obviously I'm never too late for a Twitter browse...!) about an amazing looking event happening in Manchester this aft - the Essence Cosmetics launch.

And then - I received an invite!!

Yep - those lovely people at Essence obviously took pitty on me and invited me along to join them.


But Oh My - how gutted was I to have to turn the invite down...*S I G H*...but Manchester was just a tad too far away to be able to get myself there on time.

~ Slight Sulk Begins ~

But, once I was at home, I put all of my sulking to good, positive use - I was "forced" to have a browse of their website and to have a peek at a few of their lovely bits and pieces...things that I reckon I'll be buying come pay day.

Never one to shy away from purchasing a new lip colour, I headed straight over to this section and came across the Longlasting Lipstick range.

Of which I'm quite partial to:

01 Coral Calling
08 Colour Crush
12 Blush My Lips

But I also couldn't resist a delve into the other lipstick range, where I found I really quite like a couple more items too:

44 Almost Famous
57 More To Love

I seem to have a little bit of a pink lip "thing" going on at the minute...but...the sun is shining - it's simply got to be all about the pinks and corals - surely...!

And just look how cute the packaging is...its understandable that I like them all...isn't it...?

Avoiding any more contact with all things lip related, I popped over to the nail section...not that I really need anymore nail colours either, but these are just so pretty.

I love the shape of the bottles too - really chunky, and again, quite cute looking.
I had to force myself to whittle my vast "I like that" list down to just my four "bestest" ones:

113 Do You Speak Love?
173 Over the Rainbow
148 Prom-Berry
12 Bejeweled

And then, just 'because' really, I found a few eye products that I think I'll be throwing into the basket too...

Well why not eh!!

Bright Eyes Pencil
How To Make Brows Wow
All About Candies Palette
How To Make Eyes Bright

Sulking - what sulking?
I've found that shopping is the perfect "Sulk Cure".

I really am a sucker for ALL of the pretty things aren't I, but I just can't help myself.

Thanks again for inviting me along Essence, and I'm really sorry I couldn't take you up on the offer -
I'll be there next time though.

With bags full of products no doubt...

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