Monday 23 June 2014

The Beautiful Ox Pasture Hall

As much as I love slobbing about the house in my baggiest, oldest PJ bottoms, not even bothering to even contemplate those horrendous tasks - like hair brushing - having an opportunity to get away from everything - away from all of the mundane day-to-day chores - is very welcome and very amazing at times.

Yet it's not something we actually do all that often anymore.

Once Upon A Time, the three of us used to go all over the place, making sure that we saw anything and everything.

But these days - not so much unfortunately.

There's always some sort of club or class or lesson or training session going on which leaves little time for quality "family time", which is a real shame.

So this is why I was quiet mega-excited to have an opportunity to head over to Scarborough at the weekend, and a "proper excuse" to get out of the house and hit the beach.
(I do apologise if anyone saw my way too many, very excited Instagram pictures...!)

Our main reason for this little jaunt to the coast was to seek out, take a little delve into and fully enjoy the spoils held within the beautiful, picturesque Ox Pasture Hall Hotel.

You may have seen Tweets from Blogger Opps talking about this hotel for quite a while now, and all I can say is you really, really need to visit this place.

It is just gorgeous.

Even the drive to the hotel is really something else too.
The road twists, turns and snakes all throughout a very beautiful forest, shadowed by all of the lovely leaves.

It really is magical.

Then, as soon as you turn off of the road into the drive of the hotel - well - you can see exactly why a visit is a must.

Stunning greenery everywhere.

And then wandering around the grounds, there's lots of little treasures to discover and look at.

The back of the hotel holds even more prettiness too.

There's even a few stag statues dotted around!! 

And I do love my ornamental stags - I even have a stags head in my living room - so I was really giddy when I spotted these.

It seems this place was made for me.
(I'm allowed to pretend that this is true aren't I...)

There were even teeny fluffy ducklings looking all cute swimming in the lovely pond too.

I totally fell in love with this place and it would make the most amazing wedding venue.

It makes me wish that I could get married all over again just so that I can have my Big Day here.

The staff were very friendly, approachable, down to earth and just made us feel so at ease and very relaxed.

And the food...

W - O - W

... THE FOOD ...

It was out of this world and certainly needs a whole post devoting to it just to express its pure awesomeness.

But what I will say, whilst the foodie post is in progress, it was all bloomin' spectacular - both in appearance and in taste.

~ Y U M ~

Hmmm...I wonder if The Hubby would be ready for a vow renewal yet...

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