Tuesday 3 June 2014

Leeds May Meet - Inside The Goody Bag

As I mentioned in yesterday's Leeds May Meet post, the lovely Hayley sent us home after the afternoon shenanigans, with a huge brown paper bag crammed full of goodies.

Which was a jolly well nice thing for her to do in my opinion.

I wanted to put a little post together to show all of the goodies that were hidden inside.

There is literally ALLLL the stuff

We have lots of lovely tea samples from Bellevue Tea - in a range of five different varieties too

These will be perfect for getting me through a hard day at work that's for sure.

I also found a whole host of fab beauty treats inside

Eldora handmade lashes, nail decorating tools, a fab Nanshy brush and some Nourish shimmery shimmer.

We also had a large variety of beautifying lotions and potions too

I'm particularly excited to use the Healgel face firmer, as I've heard lots of good stuff about them.

There were loads of Sun Sense high SPF skin rescuers - some with a slight shimmery tint added to them too.

Who said sun-safe has to be un-pretty?

I can't wait to try the Washi Skin Polishing Kit either - I noticed a great deal of excitement created by this and I need to find out exactly why for myself.

And as well as socks, more samples, popcorn and some brill discount vouchers, we also had a very pretty handmade scrunchie (cue flashback to childhood!) from Kelly-Ann and a £10 voucher from the lovelies at Uncommon Nonsense which was adorned with a really pretty ribbon and cute silver charm that I'm desperate to (try) make into a bracelet.

It's just great and very "Alice In Wonderland".

~ Wow ~
What a goody bag that was!!

Thanks again Hayley - you're a star

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