Monday 28 July 2014

Barbie Pink Talons Straight From Korea

You may have seen that I bought my very first Korean beauty products a little while ago.

I know a lot of other lovely bloggers who have invested in tonnes of the fancy Korean stuff - mentioning no names at all here - but my teeny, cheap collection has began with just a few - four to be exact - very cute and lovely packaged nail polishes from L.vida.

I've introduced you to the purple one (see here) in a little bit of detail before, so now it's time for me to use, and show off of course, the amazingly bright and amazingly girlie pink bottle

So here we are, introducing...

~ Barbie Pink ~

How fab of a name is that!

If I'm honest, I think it was that - the name - that totally drew me in and forced me to buy this bottle in the end.

I spent enough time umm'ing and arrr'ing as to whether I really needed another pink nail polish...which actually, I didn't at all...

But then reason set in and made me realise that I don't actually own a pink which is as bright as this one - so naturally this solved my problem in an instant...

* clicks "add to basket" *

I really didn't have one like this...!

And it is such a lovely, lovely colour - very typically "Barbie Pink".

It applied to my nails easily too - evenly with no mess at all, and it was a really nice consistency - not too thick or too watery.

What did surprise me a little bit - in a good way - was the speed that it dried in - this pleased me no end because I really hate having to wait around for polish to dry.

You can guarantee that I will always end up knocking it or smudging it if I have to wait around too long which totally ruins a lovely set of nails.


After two coats of polish, with a little "drying break" in between, I was left with these mega bright, vibrant talons.

I love them.

Really shiny and girly - just fab.

I think I may even be ready to branch out and start to invest in even more Korean loveliness now that I'm so happy with the nail stuff.


Someone come and hide my bank card - quickly...Please & Thanks...

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