Sunday 27 July 2014

"Tonight Matthew, I'm Going To Be...Queen Guinevere..."

I know a few of my blogging lovelies have been waiting for this post for quite a while now.

 Well ladies, here it is...

! The Queen Guinevere Post !

Now I've always loved a good excuse for a bit of a fancy dress day, not that I've really had all that many really, but, despite always moaning and groaning at having to think up a costume and then actually find a half decent one - one that other guests won't already have - I do actually really love a good fancy dress party.

So when Jokers' Masquerade (see here) asked if I wanted to give one of their costumes a try...well...why on earth not!?

I mean, so what if I don't have a fancy dress party coming up anytime soon, and so what if I don't really need a costume at the moment - at least now if a party invite does happen to unexpectedly land at my door in the near future I'll already be fully ready and fully prepared.

And failing that - well - there is always Halloween coming up.
I can always be "that" Mum for the evening...the really embarrassing Mum who accompanies her son whilst he goes trick-or-treating...

Only this year I could double the blow by insisting on going all dressed up in my new frock, trailing him around looking like Guinevere.

It's really not cruel at all...'s not...

...well, maybe is is a little bit...

But anyway, as I said, fancy dress parties are no strange thing to me at all.

In recent years I've rolled up to parties dressed as...

...a Moulin Rouge Lady

...a Vampire (yep I did recycle the Moulin costume for this one)

...and She-Ra

I'm sure there have been others along the way too, but these are the only ones I found picture evidence for.

But now, with this new, very well packaged costume in my possession...

...I can be transformed into -


And don't I look proud about it too.

I have to say, I actually really did love putting this costume on and having a bit of a shimmy around the house...and the garden wearing it.

Who cares what the neighbours think anyway eh.

The costume is made from a swishy kind of velvety-velour, light green material which has a white netting for the arms and then a softer feel net, in a golden colour, for the waist sash - which is all ready and pre-tied
(thank goodness).

There is also a detachable golden cape which attaches to the dress just near the shoulders with little bits of velcro.

Even The Husband commented on how good quality it was, and if he noticed then it must have looked good.

The finishing touches were the little gem broaches and the crown (all plastic) which just finished the regal, medieval Queen look off perfectly.

* s i g h *

I really did love wearing this - a whole lot more than I should be admitting to really.

This was a size LARGE which was a 10-12 and it fit me slightly loosely - so I'm assuming the sizing is fairly generous - but it was just my kind of a fit - I really hate feeling all restricted and uncomfortably tight in anything, let alone in a fancy dress costume.

I wore it with bare feet I pranced and danced about...the skirt was perhaps a little long, but again, this suited me just fine.

I thought the trailing-around-on-the-floor effect just added to the overall Princessy-ness of the costume.

And I really did feel like a proper Princess...errr...Queen...wearing it.

Awww - fancy dress party? Anyone...?

*costume sent for me to enjoy for free. All words and pictures are my own

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