Friday 18 July 2014

Lush's New Leeds Spa

My love for Lush has been growing ever since I threw my first bath bomb into water and was just amazed by what I was seeing.

I've visited the Leeds store a fair few times since then and have always found the staff amazingly friendly, the store aesthetically pleasing and the products very tempting and beautifully smelling.


If I was giddy/excited/pleased (*delete as appropriate) at visiting this Leeds store, then my goodness, what will I be like now that there is a new contender in town.

There is an all new, all fancy and very much all amazing Lush Spa opening it's door's today in Leeds City Centre, and oh my goodness it is simply huge and fabulous/amazing/beautiful (*delete as appropriate).

I was very fortunate to be invited along to have a peek at everything last night - pre-opening as us VIPs do (ha!) and I've fallen a little bit in love with everything about it.

It's beautifully arranged and very product plentiful, with lots of things to test, touch and smell - very Lush - but this store is on a whole different scale to the old store.

There is just so much to take in.

Throughout the evening the ever helpful staff treated us to:

~ massages and product talks

~ gave us product-scent demonstrations

~ coated us with beautifully smelling and beautifully looking products

~ and plyed us with some very good food and very good drink

There was also an opportunity to work with the very friendly Lush Compounders who made a very welcome appearance to show us all how to make The Comforter.

Rather than ridicule my awful efforts, they very gladly helped so that I had this lovely bubble bar to take home with me


The highlight (yes- there was more!) of the evening was having the opportunity to step downstairs into the all new spa.

And oh my god - once down there, there's no way you want to walk back up.

It's beautiful/amazing/stunning (*no deleting as appropriate - just keep all three!) and I really need to have a treatment here and soon.

Everything is made from reclaimed wood (even the stools are taken from old school science labs) and looks very much like an old country cottage

There are four treatment rooms in total - one is a double room so you and a loved one can be massaged into a relaxed oblivion together.

There is even a fancy bath and fancy toilets too - all of which are decorated amazingly

It is just beautiful and so, so relaxing.

Can I move in now please?

The new Lush Spa is out of this world and well worth a visit...I'm hopefully going back for a bit of pampering myself before too long

But for now, I'm going to play with the amazing goodies inside my fab goody bag

Thanks lots Lush - I shall be seeing you soon

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