Sunday 20 July 2014

Me, FD Avenue And A Bodycon Dress

I don't do nearly enough outfit posts on my blog, and I really don't know why at all.

I mean I love clothes and I certainly love buying them, so why I don't feature them more I'll never know.

Perhaps it's because of the weather or that my "Outfit Photographer" aka The Hubby, isn't really a fan of having to take the pictures for me, but the most likely reason is that I'm not the best poser in the world and feel all silly and awkward when I'm trying to perfect a look.

Whatever the reason, I am going to try sort it out though because I really do want to get more fashion based posts live.

And today, well today I've decided to make a little bit of a start with this really pretty green floral bodycon dress from FD Avenue which retails at just £14.99.

Now I've actually had this dress in my possession for a little while, and was keeping it with the idea in mind that I could wear it, and photograph it, at an upcoming wedding I was due to attend in a few weeks time.

However, as it unfortunately turns out I can't actually make the wedding now, so I won't be wearing the dress for that after-all!

So rather than being able to feature photographs taken in a picturesque stately hall's gardens, well, I'm using pictures taken on a plain, boring white walled background...


But anyway - here they are...

As you can see, the dress is a lovely, classy pencil skirt style of a dress - which have to be one of my all time favourite style of dresses to wear (these and skater dresses).

I think the style is really quite lady-like and elegant and that really helps to make them appropriate for most events.

As I said, I was planning to wear this dress to a wedding reception, but I would feel equally as comfortable wearing it to a birthday party, a christening or even a night out on the town.

It's such a versatile style to wear.

The sweetheart neckline is a really nice touch too - it adds to the classy feel, whilst the thin adjustable straps help to keep it in place.
(No embarrassing "slips" with this little number!)

The only negative I found about this dress was that the material is r-e-a-l-l-y clingy - and for me, especially at the moment - this creates a few self-esteem nightmares.

But in total defense of the dress, such issues are my own problems and have nothing to do with the dress - it is a natural body-con style, so you know before you buy it that it will be clingy.

I did size up when I ordered to try to help with this fact a little, and I ordered a 12 rather than a 10 which did help a little bit - that added extra material really did make a bit of a difference.

But it was still belly-and-bum clingy.

As the dress is made from quite a colourful, bold print material, I wanted to make sure I teamed it with very plain, very low-key shoes, so I opted for a pair of nude, sky-scraper-heeled court shoes.

A nude shoe really helps to elongate the legs - or so I'm told - and I think that this colour shoe are a lot more subtle and a lot more suited to the dress than a black pair would be for example - I'm not a fan of too much OTT or too much fuss.

I think they work really well.

Thank you lots FD Avenue - I love this dress and you certainly have a fan in me.

Hmmm - I just need a party to go to now

*dress sent free of charge for consideration of an honest review - thoughts & pictures all my own

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