Tuesday 22 July 2014

Lush - Phoenix Rising

I know I've pritty much Lush'd out this week, what with bath-bombs and spa-openings (see here) but after the day I had at work yesterday (it was that crazy, my lunch was zapped in the microwave and thrown down my neck in the space of just three minutes - but not until 3.00pm!) I was in dire need of a little bit of relaxation when I finally arrived home.

Not that indulging in Lush products needs any kind of an explanation.

If you get a chance - you indulge in all things Lush - it's as simple as that.

And that's exactly what I did.

I pulled out this extremely bright looking, very glittery, lovely cinnamon-y smelling number and fully intended to enjoy it.

The Phoenix Rising

Such a fab name, with guarantees to lift my mood and have me "rising out of the water with soft, luscious skin"

Yes please.

Running the bath, in I stepped and then plopped the Phoenix straight in after.

I immediately had a slight explosion of a deep purple colour, which continued to froth and foam and fizz away.

The gold glitter infused throughout gave the bath water a lovely, very slight shimmer too.

What did surprise me was the sudden appearance of a really deep green colour as the centre of the bath bomb began to become exposed to the water.

This section of the bath bomb reacted a lot faster to the water and really fizzed away much more aggressively than the outside had done.

It left behind a lovely deep purple, hollowed out shell and a very lovely combination of colours - it was really quite fun to watch.

And my skin was lovely and soft afterwards too - which is always brilliant.

I was really impressed with Phoenix Rising and am quite pleased that I popped it into my shopping bag of three recently.

There Lush goes - impressing me all over again

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