Monday 21 July 2014

The Woods, Chapel Allerton - Leeds

So, this weekend I was out again, over in Leeds, discovering yet another fantastic place to eat, drink and be merry.

Well - I actually did just eat (but what's new there!) but if I had wanted to "drink and be merry" 2pm...on a Saturday afternoon...with my child in tow then I was certainly in the right place.

And the place in question was newly opened The Woods in Chapel Allerton, Leeds.

I was encourage to bring my eight year old son along on the day, to help me really experience fully the three story bar/restaurant/entertainment venue - which was very kind, as he does love a day out as much as anyone.

After a quick internet browse before we set off, I realised that The Woods is a very family friendly venue - they even have story book readings at certain times of the day for the little ones to enjoy along with a slice of yummy cake.


One of the first things I noticed upon our arrival, was the real laid back, no stress vibe the place had.

Staff were welcoming, friendly and very approachable, the music playing was calming and relaxing and the whole venue in general just came across very chilled out - which, lets be honest, is exactly what you want on a day out.

Although we didn't spend much time on the ground floor - the bar area - it looked fab and could certainly be a place you could enjoy a few cheeky cocktails with the ladies on a Friday night.

Our main destination of the day was the second floor - the very clean, very fresh looking dining area - where we were seated and given time to look over the amazing menu.

Although the starters sounded amazing we delved straight into ordering our mains, and whilst we waited, we were invited - by the very friendly owner and his children no less - to take a peek onto the third floor of the building - the entertainment area.

Up this small flight of stairs there was a cinema screen, a small stage suitable for live performances and a lovely outside decked roof terrace area - perfect for relaxing on a warm summers evening.

And as you can see, my eight year old found his favourite place - playing XBox with the owners son on the very large cinema screen.

Which resulted in us having one very happy boy who certainly loves how child-friendly The Woods is.

And then in record speedy time (or did it just seem so speedy because the child was happily entertained...), our food was served.

Now The Woods don't have a separate kiddies menu, instead they offer children smaller portions of the adult meals and there is so much to choose from - my little one decided that it was very much a "sausage and mash with carrots on the side" kind of a day

His favourite - and he very nearly wolfed down the lot.

The Hubby (who also came along for the day) decided upon the lamb shoulder which he ordered with a side of carrots and mash too.

He was very impressed with the vegetables accompanying the lamb, and said that everything was cooked absolutely beautifully.

I deliberated a little bit, but finally decided upon the "suckling pig", served with a white apple sauce and mini roast potatoes...and some carrots on the side too.
(The Hubby very kindly shared his side of mash with me, and wow - it was lovely - sightly lumpy, rustic and oh so very yum)

It was delicious.

I think our finished plates say it all really...

And despite our fullness, we ploughed on and ordered dessert too.

We are such troopers!

There was only ever one option for my chocolate loving child - the brownie with ice cream.

(and it was too...come on - how could I not steal a little taste...!)

Myself and The Hubby opted for a sharing platter of three mini desserts - cheesecake, brownie and a sweet lemony creation.

There was just enough for a few sweet tastes of each, which was perfect after such a large main.

Obviously, they were all amazing - especially that chocolate brownie...

Again, ever the place to entertain the youngsters, my son was given crayons and he entered a colouring competition whilst our ready-to-pop stomachs settled a little bit.

He had an amazing time.

Full tummies and happy children certainly make Mum's and Dad's smile that's for sure.

But don't just take my word for it - make sure you pop into The Woods and see for yourself what they have to offer.

You won't be disappointed

*meal provided free of charge for consideration of an honest review - all opinions and pictures 100% my own

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