Friday 8 August 2014

Summer Fun - Digging At Diggerland

Another day in the holidays, another fun day out.

I don't quite know how I manage...

. . . H OW E V E R . . .

~ Myself

~ Mud

~ Heavy Machinery

These are not words that I would ever put into a sentence relating to a fun day out for myself.

But, being a Mum, there are things you have to sacrifice and things you have to do regardless of whether you want to or not, just to make sure you keep your little darlings all happy and content.

And this is why I found myself surrounded by mud...and rain...and heavy machinery earlier this week when we went on a day out to Diggerland in Castleford.

And actually - *shock horror* - I had lots of laughs in the mud and in the rain.
...who would have thought it...

Now, being the very mature, very cool eight year old that my son is, he obviously had a little internal struggle going on - the fact that he's not "into" diggers anymore versus the fact that there would be some crazy rides there for him to enjoy.

The daredevil side of him won as we pulled up - he couldn't wait to get inside.

The rain decided to make a very early, very heavy appearance for quite a while when we arrived, and it was too unpleasant to be outside, so we made a dash for the indoor play area, where everyone else seemed to be taking refuge too.

Dry, indoor fun - I'm so glad it was there.

We used the waiting time to eat our lunch inside as well as play, and then as soon as the rain held off long enough, we darted outside to see what fun could be had.

First stop - the terrifying looking Spin Dizzy, which did exactly what it said on the span everyone sitting inside very dizzy indeed.

Naturally my son loved this and went on it a few times...and he wasn't sick either...which I was very surprised about.
It was very fast, and very high, and very crazy.

We moved on after this and found a few more "favourite" rides:

~ Sky Shuttle

...where you seem to be left suspended up so high in the air, for what seems like such a long time.

~ Dig-A-Round

...which is - well - it's a digger round-a-bout!

~ Ground Shuttle

...where you are lifted up into the air and driven around, quite fast, over some v-e-r-y bumpy terrain.

The three boys - two young, one not so young - with me loved the rides, but they soon fancied getting a little bit more "hands on" with the diggers and wanted to drive them themselves.

And that's not a problem here at all.

Next stop:

~ Robot Driving

...where they really do "let people of all ages loose inside a machine, on a track, filled with wet, sloppy mud".

The kiddies loved it.

I, on the other hand, was slightly nervous...and I was just watching them.


We also had:

~ Dirt Diggers

...which consisted of general digger-operating, hole-digging, mess-making-ness.

~ Dippy Ducks

...which is basically "Hook-a-Duck", but tractor style...

There were just loads of tractor involved hooking and grabbing and driving opportunities to be had.

The boys had so much fun and loved everything - there were girls out there having just as much fun as the boys too I must add - and none of them let the occasional downpour put them off enjoying themselves either.

For me, the only drawback to Diggerland would be the set ticket cost of £19.95 (£16.95 if pre-booked) - both adults and children (over a set height) pay the same price, which means that it could work out at being a really rather expensive kind of a day really.

However, even though they first thought they may be a little too old to have fun at Diggerland, the kids with me had an absolute blast, and this makes me very happy.

Thanks lots for having us Diggerland

* Tickets provided free of charge. Pictures and opinions all my own

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