Sunday 31 August 2014

Home Improving

I don't know what it is about this time of the year that makes me all unsettled and itching to make lots of changes.

I reckon it has to be my sub-conscious knowing that Christmas is coming and knowing that the house needs to be all trussed up with fancy, glitzy decorations in the not too distant future.

A messy home accompanied with fanciness would never work now would it and I reckon this is the issue.

I blame you Christmas!

(I would like to apologise at this moment for mentioning the "festive word" at the end of August, but sometimes, these things need to be done!)

Anyhow, I always like to re-jig the house a little bit around this time - even if it's just changing the cushions or swapping the towel colours in the bathroom - anything that updates things and makes my home a little bit fresher really.

This year - just in time - I've been introduced to fellow Yorkshire people - Rodgers Of York - a family owned local business who specialise in value for money.

I can hear The Husband's sigh of relief now - "value for money"

And they're from Yorkshire - so I had to have a look didn't I...

And that I did - I had a good browse around their website and naturally, being me, I've found a fair few bits that my home could very much do with right now.

I can't go shopping and not find things can I.

And first up - well - I jumped straight in there - I need a new kitchen table.

There's not even any kind of want or would like involved here - I am actually desperate for a new one right now.

The one I have at the moment is quite old, and it was fairly cheap when we bought it too - it really needs upgrading.

And it needs upgrading to this little lovely right here

I don't have the biggest house in the world at all and - even at Christmas - I'm not the biggest entertainer (too much mess!!) so this wooden number, with it's fancy high backed chairs would be perfect for my little family of three.

It even gives me a few "emergency chairs" too, because, well - you never know...

Something else that I desperately need to update is my bedroom - and I really do mean my whole bedroom.

It's been the same for about five years now and it's not brilliant.

I'm loving this Paradise bed I found on the website - it screams sheer luxury - and my weary, tired out bones really rather like the look of it...

I wouldn't want to get out of it that's for sure.

I reckon this beautiful bedroom furniture would not only compliment the fab bed but it totally helps to create, my long craved for, girlie bedroom too.
(Sorry Hubby!!)

- AND -

...just look at all of that storage...

HELLLOOOO make up draws

And hello beautiful make-up application station.

It's very pretty and I need it.

I really do.

Whilst I'm on a roll, I kind of decided that my house may also require a sofa bed.

I may have no room for a sofa bed but one would be very much appreciated, especially with the amount of my son's friends that end up staying over, therefore, I require one.

And I think this would be a perfect addition to my son's room

It's not too big, it gives that all important extra sleeping space - as well as looking pritty cool in his room when his friends stop by, oh, and it's red.

My son's favourite colour.


I've loved having a good old delve into the offerings of Rodgers Of York and can't wait to actually get my home improvements started now.

Pretty home, here I come.

I WILL be all fancy-pants in time for Christmas

*a collaborative, sponsored post

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