Friday 29 August 2014

Whiter Than White Korean Nail Colour

I'm so exhausted today after having an AMAZING day in London yesterday - I TOTALLY geeked it up...but more on all of that fantasticness later...

I need a bit more time to sort through the 350 photographs that I took you see

Yep - well, I did say I geeked it up...

Anyway, because I knew that I was off for a visit to our capital, I figured I really needed to make a little bit of an effort and sort out my horrifically neglected nails.

I haven't painted them at all for weeks and weeks so it was definitely time to get them sorted out.

And at the back of my mind I had a nagging notion that I still hadn't tried out all of the cute Korean nail colours that I bought ages ago (see here).

So I had no excuses - my colour choice was easy enough - Pure White from the La.vida collection it was.

I thought whilst I was at it I might as well give my tootsies a little bit of a treat too, and I matched them to my finger nails.

White talons all round for moi.

Anyway - I very much regretted this decision - oh - almost immediately, because I made a right old mess of my toe nails.

Honestly, there was white polish all over - I think I covered more of my actual toe than I did the nail - but it ended up being nothing a nail varnish soaked cotton bud couldn't sort out.

Thank goodness - totally rescued toes.

I took a little more time with the pretty polish on my finger nails after the near-toe-disaster, but even then, I wasn't totally sold that I was doing a very good job if I'm honest.

It all just looked very messy and I was pritty certain that a three year old could have done a much better job.

But I persevered, and three coats of polish later, I actually started to like the look that I was getting.

The streakiness had all but gone and the colour was a lot more 'solid' and a lot less tip-pex looking.

Thank goodness for that!

I really liked the overall colour once it had dried properly - I know white nails have been quite popular at the moment and I do enjoy following the odd trend.

What I will say though is that it is harder than anticipated to get white nails looking "just right" and it really isn't a rush-job colour at all.

Take time, be steady and don't stress out with it.

And there we have it - the very last of my La.vida polishes is all trialled and reviewed.


...I may now need another La.vida bulk buy to keep me busy...

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