Sunday 14 September 2014

A Little Bit Of Denim

I must admit, I'm certainly a gal who loves her jeans.

Don't get me wrong, donning a pretty skirt or dress is always fab, but nine times out of ten, if I'm not really doing anything over the weekend then you'll find me in a nice bit of denim.

It's just so versatile.

The lovely people at Bon Prix must certainly have know about my love of a good old pair of jeans because they recently sent me some straight fitting, distressed looking, deep blue coloured ones to have a little look at.

And have a little look I did.

I've never ever looked at the clothing site before at all - I don't think I knew it existed so I wanted to make sure the sizing was true to form.
I chose the jeans in a size up from usual - I've been a real food monster lately and too tight jeans don't make for an attractive look.

The jeans fit slightly loose and the leg length was perfect.

I think for my own personal tastes the distressed-ness of the jeans was a little bit too much - but that's just me - I prefer things with slightly less fuss.

But that doesn't mean I don't like them - I really do.

They fit well and feel nice - what more do you need.

Well - yes - OK - to look half-decent is a bonus too - and these jeans tick that box too.


They are a "destroyed boyfriend" pair and retail at £34.99.

I wanted to see how they would look for an everyday, run-of-the-mill kind of a day, filled with everyday stuff like popping to the supermarket, sitting in the park or visiting family...

So, keeping it very simple I put the jeans with a pair of Primark cream bow flat pumps (comfy, comfy!) and a super-soft grey jumper with super-cute heart elbow patches.

Certainly an outfit I would wear regularly because it is just so simple, easy and does look good.

Next up, well, you never know when the Hubby will surprise you with a little bit of a pub lunch on a Sunday afternoon, or the best friend will beg for an impromptu girly cinema date, so having something a little more dressy (but nothing too much) on hand to pull out of the wardrobe is always a great idea...

I love the Japanese-y style print of this Primark jacket.

The colours are brilliant and really help to "dress up" this simple pair of jeans.

Teamed with a plain white t-shirt and these amazingly beautiful tan Miss Selfridge wedges (which are so easy to walk in, and you've guessed it - really comfy) the outfit is definatly pop-to-the-pub-for-a-quick-drink ready.

And now be warned - 

- this next outfit could quite easily be deemed fairly scruffy to be honest.

But I don't care.

There's not a person out there who doesn't, at times, slob about in the biggest hoody they can find and aim to do as little as possible allll day long.

Not one person.

Especially the day after a fairly late night, possibly spent "overindulging" in beverages that are most certainly not lemonade...

Hmmm...those days certainly require the ultimate in chilled out comfort...

Totally Sports-tastic

A massive ADIDAS hoody (The Hubbys to be precise) and my Nike Hi-Tops.

Comfort in its extreme - I love it.

So you see there are a fair few ways to mix up the one pair of jeans.

Versatility at it's best

*jeans sent to style, review and try - outfits, thoughts and ideas all my own

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