Saturday 13 September 2014

London Baby - For Bloggers Festival

This time last week I was busy in London, having spent the day swanning around and being swept away with the amazingness that was the make-up heaven in Selfridges, with the lovely Jess and the lovely Kate.

The ladies spent the day guiding rubbish-with-directions me through all of the tube catching, all of the high-end make up lusting and with the tacky souvenir scouring with such ease.

I owe them lots - I would never have made it to our destination without them.

And where was our destination?

Well - it was the highly anticipated Bloggers Festival of course.


Bloggers Festival was held on the 31st floor in the Paramount Bar and Restaurant and the views - well - they were just something else

They lovely Scarlett herself greeted us at the door with alcohol (whoop - this lady knows the way to our hearts) and encouraged us to have a little look around

The event was really informal and different brands had set up homes for themselves all around the room and they were all really friendly and happy to chat to everyone.

The lovely ladies from Quiz Clothing were happy to say Hi - I've had the pleasure of meeting them before so I was even treated to a hug!

Another familiar-to-me-brand was Oriflame, and after meeting the brand and brand ambassador Gary Cockrill in Leeds (see here) it was good to see them again.

Gary was busy all afternoon beautifying and making all the ladies happy

Cloud 9 were also on hand, working wonders on hair and I R-E-A-L-L-Y wish I'd had chance to have my hair pampered by them

Curly, Curly

Speaking of hair, Lee Stafford brought lots of hair care bits with them too

And then Very tempted us with an array of pretty dresses

And then they had shoes too...just how amazing are these though...

I wants them...!

I also wanted a fair few of the offerings from Urban Outfitters too...especially that silver bag...

...and ECCO tempted me with their luverly boots and animal print shoes

I just wanted everything!
(I'm so greedy)

As well as mingling, getting pampered and checking out skyscraper heels, there was a chance to talk skincare with Bee Good... opportunity to get "nail wrapped" with Calgel...

...and lots of Sweet Pizzas to feast upon.

It was a very fun, yet very exhausting day.

I spent the three hour train-wait (urgh!!) sat in Kings Cross Station, delving into goody bags afterwards

! Hurrah - treats to take home !

Thanks For Having Me Bloggers Festival

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