Sunday 7 September 2014

Northern Blogger Meet Up

I'm certainly travelling about a bit at the moment - London again this weekend and then last Saturday, I spent the day mingling with lovelies in Sheffield at Northern Blogger Meet Up.

Well, these things just have to be done haven't they -  mingling, chatting, relaxing - all in aid of the blog eh.

Obviously, being the travel novice that I am I was never going to find my way around the all unfamiliar Sheffield on my own - not a chance - and I decided very last minute to ditch my initial plan of taking the car (and obviously stress over my terrible directions and where to park) and decided to catch a train - all on my own.

* proud *

I met a few lovely ladies in the train station, and off we went.

Our venue for the day was the upstairs of the little cafe Eten and I must add that I can certainly vouch for the niceness of their tuna melt sandwiches - yummy.

We mingled a little and chatted for a while whilst lovely people from Lush Sheffield popped in to give us a few bath bomb demonstrations

Which certainly made the room smell lurverly.

We had a little bit of "Lush Talk" too

And this only helped emphasise just how great Lush people seem to be - from everywhere.

Now, as mentioned, I admit, I stuffed my greedy face with lots of stodgy bread, tuna and cheese (so naughty!) so I was mega impressed to find a box of Tiny Tea with my name all over it

A fourteen day, de-bloating tea-tox is just what I need right now.

I'll let you know how I get on...

Something else I really needed a bit more of is nail polish (my overflowing draws wouldn't agree mind you) and low and behold, how fab that I find a table full of the stuff from brand L.M.B

Of course I picked up a couple of bottles, which I'll be telling you all about in a short while.
(they were a real bargain though)

And after a few slight technical hitches - technology never plays ball does it - the lovely Benefit team came by to showcase a few products and to treat us no end with the cutest little pink goody bags crammed full of brilliance.

Oh yes, those really are a few full sized They're Real products you can see.

Yes - I was a tad spoilt I agree.

And speaking of spoilt - goody bags!

Loads of goodies for me!

Sheffield - we shall meet (boom boom) again I hope

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