Friday 10 October 2014

Kiddies Autumn Ready Fashion

There's no getting away from it now is there - nope - none whatsoever.

Winter is certainly on it's freezing little way and Autumn is currently gracing us with it's very chilly, very wet and windy presence.

And I must say, that I am not a fan of the cold.

It just means I end up with constantly cold, wet, soggy feet (which ain't good for my Primark work pumps!) -  and I always feel all bunged up with a cold - like today...

...all sore throated, sneezy and snotty (sorry - TMI?)

But - all that aside - what I can't help myself from l-o-v-i-n-g are all of the lovely Autumn clothes that are springing up all over the place right now.

And not just for me either - my son obviously needs to be kitted out for this cooler weather now too - which poses a little problem for us...

You see, my son hates to feel too warm - he always has - he won't wear thick woolly jumpers for long, it's always got to be a case of layering up thinner items so that he can remove them easily if it all gets "a bit much".

Which is why he'll probably be the only child sledging in the snow with a tshirt on...!
(underneath other things too - I'm not cruel...)

But anyway - back to Autumn fashion.

I was sent some lovely clothes from the House Of Fraser Autumn range for kiddies and we decided to take them out for a little test drive this weekend.

And what better way, than with a little trip to the woods.

I love nothing more than getting us all together for some real family time and Autumn is perfect for a little day trip to the woods - yeah OK, it can be a bit soggy and slippery, but it is just so pretty and brings a whole something different to when you visit during the Summer.

The outfit from House Of Fraser proved pritty perfect for our exploration needs really.

The skinny jeans (Mango Boys) are not a hard, tough denim but they are really soft and flexible - perfect for boyish activities because they are not restrictive at all.

The colour means they can easily be dressed up or down too - perfect for playing - or partying
(because we all know the social life of an eight year old is hectic!)

And being a dark ink colour they tend to not show up the grubby marks they will undoubtedly see - a must with young, dirt-magnet children.

As I said before - tshirts are sooo the way forward with my son, and this lovely deep red Barbour Boys number is perfect for him.

The colour is very autumnal and the motorcycle motif gives it a slightly "rock" edge - perfect for a fashion conscious young man.

We teamed the outfit with a lovely navy blue jacket (Mango Kids) and it has to be the perfect way to keep that Autumn chill at bay.

I thought my son might not like this at first - it is slightly padded you see - which is obviously what is needed at this time of year - but he hates feeling all hemmed in.

But he loved it!

The coat fastens with a zip up the front, it has zippable pockets, a detachable hood (all important to keep the rain off of his styled hair do!) and it definitely is warm enough to keep him toasty - even with just a tshirt underneath.

Oh - and it looks great too.

A very Autumn-Friendly, Wood-Exploring-Ready, Eight-Year-Old-Approved, Brilliant outfit.

I've already been checking out the rest of the Autumn range at House Of Fraser and I haven't been disappointed one little bit.

Autumn Fashion - Here I Come

*clothes sent in exchange for an honest review

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