Wednesday 8 October 2014

To Whiten, Or Not To Whiten...

I originally planned to have this post live on Monday - but then, after I looked at the pictures I had to include within it...well...I decided that it wasn't really a Monday-appropriate kind of a post.

Aint nobody ready for close up's of my mouth at the best of times...but certainly not on a Monday morning.

However, there was just no getting away from it - I have had to include pictures of my less-than-perfect teeth in this post.

I am sorry - but I have warned you in advance that those snaps are coming up.

Now - why does it have to be teeth I hear you asking

Well, my teeth have never been celeb perfect, I've always thought them to be a bit "sticky outy" if I'm honest - but they are what they are and they do what they do.

And I shouldn't really grumble too much - up until this year they had never even needed a filling...but then I hit thirty and had to book in for not one but two of the horrible, painful little things.


Anyway, my main issue with my teeth has always been that they are 100% no where near white enough for my liking

I have never smoked in my life, but I am a big coffee drinker - and I do like the odd cup of tea too - so I suppose after years of swilling this stuff around my mouth my teeth are bound to be affected.

I have considered having my teeth whitened before, but I wouldn't want to even try and attempt this procedure on my own at home...knowing my luck I'd end up using too much product and melt my teeth away to stumps, but then again affording dentist prices has just never really been an option to me either.

* s i g h *

Anyway in one of my goody bags from a recent meet up in Sheffield, I found a box of Clinomyn toothpaste, with a card attached explaining details of their "two week teeth whitening challenge" - obviously this jumped out at me and I decided to give the challenge a try.

I had nothing to loose after all - and sparkling teeth to (hopefully!) gain

I took photographs of my teeth at the start of the two weeks and then proceeded to brush them using the toothpaste both morning and night, everyday for a two week period.

My Hubby used the toothpaste too - not to test out the challenge particularly, but just because it was there in the bathroom - and even he noticed a difference in his teeth after about day three.

I think this made him have a look at my teeth too and he commented more than once about how white he thought they were getting.

Good stuff.

So - on to my teeth now then...

...are you ready... goes...

They look soooo stained don't they (*sob*)

After seeing these pictures I was particularly concerned about the colour of my canines and the small spaces in between my front teeth, which appear to be really quite dark on photograph.

Not ideal at all.


Two Weeks Later:

It wasn't until I actually placed these four photographs under each other that I realised the difference using the toothpaste has actually made to my teeth.

Wow - it really is quite shocking.

I mean, I know they aren't perfectly celeb white now, or as gleaming as I would like them to be, but my-oh-my the difference is so very obvious to see.

I am really impressed...and very shocked if I'm honest at how badly stained my teeth were two weeks ago - and that I didn't even really notice...

Thanks Clinomyn - I'm one very happy customer.

I just hope my teeth continue to brighten and un-stain the more I use the toothpaste.

Why not see if the two week challenge could work for you too

*product gifted in an event goody bag - thoughts, opinions are all my own

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