Wednesday 12 November 2014

M&Co Christmas Event

Although I am quite fond of Christmas (yes, I did put the C-word out there again - already!) I have to say that there are certain parts of the festivities that I'm not all that keen on really.

The first is feeling a need to make a quick mad dash out on Christmas Day, around to visit every family member we have to wish them a Merry Christmas...

 - Nah -
I really can't be bothered with that anymore I'm afraid

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a total misery, but Christmas day is obviously about family, so now, we spend the day in our nice, new, Christmas onesies, eating lovely, calorific food, watching endless snowy-scened movies, actually giving my son the full day to enjoy all of his gifts.

No rushing - just fabulous

The second thing I don't really enjoy has to be Christmas parties - those terrible, traditional, work-night-out type ones.

I just find them over-priced, under-food-ed...and...well...a bit naff really.

Well - that was until I was very kindly invited along to the M&Co Christmas Blogger Event last week.

It was great.

I enjoyed a good old natter with some of my blogging lovelies, and also had the pleasure of meeting some other very fantastic ladies too...

...Oh, and I ate some yummy food...

...and I drank a diet coke - but - if I hadn't have been driving, there were some very interesting looking cocktails floating around to sample too...


...and there were definitely a few Christmas baubles on display around the place...

It was 100% a "proper Christmas do".

But what was it exactly that made this Christmas party all the more favourable for me I hear you ask?

Well, this one was all about the fashion and I really enjoyed having a little peek at some of the items M&Co have to offer.

There was a fair few sparkly numbers present anyway which totally complimented the Christmas theme perfectly.

My favourite piece...hmmm...well it would have to be one of M&Co's lovely, classic dresses - I mean you can't go far wrong with a pretty party dress now can you!

And I certainly found a whole host of them to satisfy my little dress-needing-urge that's for sure.

It was a brilliant evening, and I'm only sorry that I wasn't able to stay longer...

Thanks for having me M&Co

* I borrowed two pictures from M&Co themselves from the evening...and their video of course...

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