Tuesday 11 November 2014

Paul Mitchell - The Gift Of Style Event

Imagine you're having a big night out

Money is no object.

What would start the evening off perfectly?

Well for me I think it would have to involved getting all of the ladies together in some swanky hotel, to have a natter and a giggle...along with a few drinks (of course!) whilst we glam ourselves up and have our hair and make-up done - by the professionals of course - before heading off for a fun-packed night of dancing and cocktails.

~ Fabulous ~

So imagine just how excited I was then to arrive at the Paul Mitchell Gift Of Style event last week.

It was crammed full of everything a luxurious girls night requires...

~ the lovely ladies - check

~ the amazingly swanky hotel suite - check

~ the alcohol - check (& we had yummy nibbles too!)

~ the professionals, vamping up our hair - check

I was in my element

But - unfortunately - on a Thursday night, we weren't all heading off for a night on the tiles, oh-no, however, equally as great, we were given free reign to have a natter and surround ourselves with all of the lovely, hair-treatable products.

Not to mention the fact that we also had an opportunity to experience a little hair magic at the hands of some very talented stylists too.

And we were allowed to enjoy all of this inside of the extremely beautiful Gladstone Suite within the Quebecs Hotel in Leeds

Fancy, eh!

So, presecco and party food in hand, I was drawn to the oh-so-pretty styling gift sets on display - each one specifically catered to suit a different hair type.

Aren't they just lovely.

I wouldn't grumble if one fell into my stocking this Christmas that's for sure.

I was also quick to volunteer my hair for a little TLC...until I realised I hadn't actually brushed it...eeek...

I slyly slide away to the safety of the en suite bathroom and removed the horrible knots (if that's even the right word...birds nest perhaps...?), allowing Hayley and Sammie to enjoy a little pampering themselves...
(NOTE: Paddle brushes are brilliant for bird-nesty-hair - I really need to get me one!)

...then it was my turn and I jumped straight into the seat.

In no time at all my very talented hair stylist had weaved her magic and created this amazing "up-do"...

...which stayed put allll through that night and allll throughout the next day too...

I loved it.

All hair-beautified, we had a little opportunity to then play about with the lovely offerings from the very-new-to-me make-up range New Cid Cosmetics and it was all very pretty indeed

Just look at those brushes

*s w o o n *

But all too soon we had to leave our little room of luxury, but not before we were treated (yes, more treats) to a lovely, quite heavy, Paul Mitchell goody bag - I really can't wait to get properly stuck into everything that I found inside.

It certainly all smells amazing.

Thanks for the little slice of luxurious living Paul Mitchell - a gal could certainly get used to it...

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