Saturday 15 November 2014

The Balm Cosmetics - Simply Amazing

I make no secret of being a lover of all things pretty.

Especially make-up that is pretty.

I'm such a stickler for a bit of packaging.

And the very lucky me walked away from the Sheffield BBloggers (post found here) meet up a little while ago the very happy owner of these AH-MAZINGLY pretty make-up items which I won in the raffle

Five fantastic make-up pieces from The Balm Cosmetics.

~ What a prize ~

I was in beauty heaven let me tell you...and I think I was a little bit envied by a few of the other lovely ladies around me too...not that I'm surprised - I mean just look at the packaging.


Beautiful pin-up ladies and the quick-witted, catchy names for everything...

Hmmm...I can see a product addiction developing here...

Let me show you what my lovely prize consisted of shall I - before I get a little too spend-happy.

*places bank card firmly back into purse*

I'm definitely an eyeshadow girl - I always have been really - so I was in total awe immediately when I saw the beauty that is the Balmsai palette

The set opens out, with a mirror at the top, some very handy eyebrow and "eye-flick" stencils in the bottom compartment and then the amazing array of pretty coloured shadows take centre stage in the middle section.

And just how pretty are they!

The eighteen different coloured shadows are split into four sections:

~ the "In The Buff" section - neutral, base shades

~ the "Mavericks" section - for a little bit of colour

~ the "Curve And Angle" section - for the brows


~ the "Catch A Wave" section - which can be used wet or dry

~ Brilliant ~

They are all equally as great and are the most - (I'm no expert but feel that this is the correct time to pull this word out of the bag) - pigmented - shadows I have ever used.

Just a little swipe of the brush collects so much product which stays put for ages, and they blend lovely too.

Yep - my absolute favourites without a doubt.

Another new favourite from my prize bundle is the Cindy-Lou Manizer

It is the most brilliant, shimmery, bronzey highlighter EVER

Even just a little swipe across it with a fingertip collects so much product which applies like a dream to the face, and brightens up cheekbones (or wherever you fancy) in an instant.

It is so pretty.

Now, translucent powder - I've never really found one that I've liked enough to make a regular part of my daily make-up routine really...well...I have only tried one before - it was so light and a total mis-match for my skin that I just gave up on the idea of using it totally.

However, after catching glimpses of my shine-fest face in some recent photographs, I have been on the hunt for a more usable one for a while.

And then I found Sexy Mama
" A Translucent Powder, With Oil Absorbing Spheres"

It sounded perfect

And it looked pritty perfect too.

Actually, I do think that it still may be a little light for my complexion, but a quick sweep under bronzer seems to work, no problem.

Shine - be gone.

Now, something that I'm still learning to get to grips with is the eye-flick.

I just can not do them at all.

But I want to - so much and even more so than ever now, because look at the tools I have to do them with...


...with a very cheeky picture on the box too...

I love it

This black liquid eyeliner has such a thin, precise brush that I know it would make my eyes look fantastic...

...once I have managed to master how to use it properly that is...

There is something that I am getting better at using these days though, and that is mascara...

*proud smile*

...and this, The Bodybuilder, a black, volumising mascara is fab and perfect for creating massive, bold lashes for a big night out.

The brush isn't too big or clumsy - perfect for me - and a quick swipe across the lashes really does build them up.

And as I said before, I will be adding to my "The Balm Collection" as soon as I can possibly manage it - everything is so pretty and I just want the lot!

Thanks lots for the out-of-this-world prize The Balm Cosmetics - and thanks to Sheffield BBloggers for having such a fantastic raffle.

I love everything

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