Sunday 16 November 2014

Shoes...For The Hubby...From Jacamo

I would never begrudge The Hubby or The Son from having lovely, nice things at all.

Nope - not one little bit.

I love them having nice treats and little surprises.

But when it comes to deliveries - in particular lovely shoe deliveries - well - I'm afraid I am quite the selfish moo.

I want ALL the shoes - just for me

But alas (that's how dramatic this makes me feel!), this wasn't the case when the Husband was sent a shoe box delivery from male fashion brand Jacamo

And what a very nice shoe delivery it was too.

One from none other than Mr Freddie Flintoff's footwear range.

Fancy, eh.

I have to say, personally I think Freddie Flintoff is fab, which is an immediate reason to like the shoes in my opinion.

But seriously though, they are a very nice pair of shoes.

They are really smart - my Hubby is not well known for his smart dress, he much prefers comfy joggers and trainers after a hard week at work...but then again who doesn't...but my Hubby does take his relaxed dress-mode to the slight extreme at times, I mean he even wore casual pumps on our wedding day.

But obviously, there are times when he will undoubtedly need to be smart, times - unlike your own wedding - when others will dictate the dress code of an event, and it is at these times when casual footwear will just not do.

And for these such occasions, it is shoes like these Flintoff by Jacamo Plain Toe black ones which will be absolutely perfect.

The shoes are leather and are very well made.

They also have a slight heel and a small lace detail up the front.

My Hubby assures me that they are really comfy too - and coming from a trainer lover like him, then that really must be true.

And as the wife of the shoe-wearing-Hubby, well, I think they look fab and make a lovely change to his usual footwear choices.

We have never considered Jacamo before when Husband-Shopping, but I think we will be heading back to them in the future for more Hubby-shaped purchases - no busy shops, no queues and such a great selection...

...lets just say The Hubby was impressed...

Thanks Lots Jacamo

* shoes sent for consideration of an honest review - words and images are all our own

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