Tuesday 16 December 2014

A Christmas Movie Trip To Bradford's Picturehouse

This week has been a whole new level of crazy busy

Why I don't take my own yearly advice and start the Christmas shopping earlier I'll never know

Rush, rush, rush

But no matter how much there is to be done I will always make time for a Christmas movie or two.

Got to keep those priorities in order haven't I.

So this weekend I ventured out of the house in search of my Christmas movieness and popped along to my local Picturehouse (find here) which just so happens to be located inside of The National Media Museum in Bradford

Verrry local for me, but surprisingly it was the first time I have ever visited this particular cinema before...which even I think is quite crazy after living in Bradford for my whole 31 years.

But hey-ho, this issue is now rectified, and after such a pleasant experience I shall be visiting again that's for sure.

The Picturehouse box office is located in the main foyer of the museum and the different cinema screens are dotted about various levels of the museum.

Obviously I had no clue where the "Cubby Broccoli" screen was (or why it was named as it was), but the very helpful staff gladly pointed me in the right direction...and were really chatty - and just plain nice too.

Which certainly made for a very welcome, refreshing change that's for sure.

So screen wise, ours was clean, tidy and really quite small and cosy...perfect for the three teeny groups of people that arrived to watch the film.

And what was our film I hear you ask?

Well, it was my first ever introduction to Jack The Pumpkin King and my first ever viewing of...

~ The Nightmare Before Christmas ~

...which is most defiantly a movie suitable for both Christmas and Halloween.

And what did I think of it?

Well I really rather enjoyed it.

I tend to steer clear of Tim Burton movies if I'm honest - there is no way any kids movie should be that crazily strange and scary...

...yes I am a total big wimp...

But I'm rather glad that this 1994 UK released movie has now hit my watched list.

I just really can't quite believe it is 20 years old though!

Then again, the graphics aren't perhaps as "modern" as many new films are, but there was nothing wrong with that at all for me...my son may have grumbled a little bit though...

Anyway, Jack is (obviously) all about Halloween but feels there is something missing from his life of horror, gore and terror.

So when he stumbles upon Christmas' door, he can't resist taking a peek...

...and once immersed in all things festive he realises that what he really needs are all of the warm and fuzzies that Christmas brings.

And off he goes, attempting to add a little bit of Christmas cheer into Halloween.

Which he soon steps up a level by wanting to blend the two a little - a Halloweeny-Christmas - which he can then present to all of the people of the world.

And this process naturally involves a real Santa kidnap...
(you see - Tim Burton is too scary for me...!)

...a chance encounter with The Boogie Man...

and of course

...a "have we just ruined everything this Christmas" moment

I'm sure most people aren't as rubbish as me and will have watched this movie, but I won't spoil it all - just in case anyone hasn't.

But what I will say is that perhaps Jack does manage to fill that emptiness inside, but with something other than the joy of Christmas.

Perhaps what he was searching for all along was right there under his nose, in his own Halloween world after all.

Perhaps all Jack needed was to fall in love...

Wow - a movie suited for Christmas, Halloween and Valentines Day...

Clever Mr Tim Burton

*movie tickets provided free of charge

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