Friday 12 December 2014

Cheesy Christmas Jumpers - Amazing Cheese for 2014

Oooh - Happy National Christmas Jumper Day all

I reckon today is possibly the best day to show off the two fab new additions I have placed into the Christmas Jumper Collection I seem to be amassing.

And yes - I would say I actually do have a little "collection" coming along right now - well - six Christmas jumpers is the beginnings of a collection in my book anyway.

Especially when each one is so very different and so very brilliant too.

I think I should also point out that each and every jumper I have is from the same fantastically festive, loved by the Celebs, Bradford born company that is...

Cheesy Christmas Jumpers
(find them here)

! Yay !

I love all the crazy designs they come up with year after year, and it may be that you actually get a little sick of seeing my two newbies by the time I am finished with them I'm afraid.

But there's no way they will be appearing on my blog just this once - I mean it's only right that they feature in at least one outfit post now isn't it...


But I just couldn't keep them to myself until then - especially with today being such an important day for all of the Christmas Jumpers everywhere.

I wanted to get them out.

So, first up...

...well, we have a very bright, very in your face, very blooming fantastic Nutcracker Christmas Cardigan to be feasting our eyes upon
(find here)

This is just amazing - it's unisex so would be great for just about everyone - male, female, boy, girl - the whole family could get in on this action in fact!

...oooh - a matchy-matchy Christmas Jumper themed outing...I like it...

I have to say, I did actually catch my Hubby eyeing this up as soon as it arrived - in great detail - he was obviously very gutted when he found that it was only in a size small...

Ah well.

I was very pleased that it was I have to say - if it had been any bigger I reckon I may have lost it by now.

The cardigan is made from a lovely woolly material which is oh-so soft and amazingly comfy - definitely not one of those horrible itchy and irritating creations that's for sure.

I love it

And just how cute do Santa and the Nutcracker look!

Oooh - and this is actually the first ever cardie created by Cheesy Christmas Jumpers too.

The first of many I'm guessing.

Anyway, as much as I do love this brill cardigan, next up we have my absolute FAVOURITE thing

A brilliant little light up number...

...which is also unisex...

...and is also extremely soft and comfortable without an itch in sight... is the brilliant Flashing Fireplace Christmas Jumper...
(find here)

An actual full fireplace in jumper form!

Complete with silky bow adorned holly wreath...

...three actual Christmas stockings which hold actual real-life, edible candy-canes...

...and... actual working fireplace...

...well - OK - it's not actually a proper working fireplace (are you crazy - on a jumper!) but it does light up...

~ Are you ready for this ~'s quite special...

See - I told you


I absolutely love you can probably tell...and I can not wait to wear it next week.

My workplace won't know what hit it.

Make sure you check Cheesy Christmas Jumpers out
(you know you want to...!)

...and I will be back soon with a few Cheesy Jumper outfit posts...

Happy Jumper Wearing

* Jumpers sent for an honest review - thoughts, pictures and video are all my own

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