Sunday 21 December 2014

One Cottage, Three Laughter-Filled Nights, Eight Bloggers...

You may recall me owing you a little post giving an insight into what eight blogger ladies could possibly get up to during a weekend away, in a cute little cottage in the middle of the woods, in a teeny village in Osmotherley.

But are you sure you really want to know...

Well...OK then - you asked for it.

Here is that "little post"!

As you will be well aware by now, what with my numerous posts, Tweets and Instagram pictures, that a short while ago a few of us blooger girls popped along to Osmotherley for three brilliant nights - all thanks to Sykes Cottages I must add - and we stayed in the cutest little house.
(post here)

But what could we possibly do to entertain ourselves with no-one around and - *the horror* - only limited Wi-Fi connection?

Well night number one was simply all about arriving, settling in, eating and - well - drinking alcohol - of course.

Sounds fab doesn't it - well it was.

Sammie and Hayley cooked us up a right storm for tea - it was amazing.

And then with full tummies we cracked open a lil' bit of booze and settled down to watch everyone's favourite...

~ Frozen ~

...complete with top of lungs sing along too.

The drinking carried on into the wee hours for some, whilst others - the oldies (myself very much included in this category) - crawled off to bed much, much earlier

And after far less alcohol consumption too.

As you can imagine, getting up the next day was a very different ball game depending on the group you belonged to the previous evening.

However, no matter the group, no one wanted to cook breakfast/ into the village we ventured for a little mid-afternoon wander and some good old pub grub

Slightly gutted we had to miss pudding though, but each of the three (!!) village pubs stopped serving food at 2.30pm...

...on a Saturday afternoon...

* s i g h *

Ah well - biscuits from the shop it was.

We had a little mooch back to the cottage, taking in a few of the sites nearby...

...and then we spent the rest of that evening on the alcohol again (well why not!), making a very failed but very well intended effort at getting the beautiful fire going and sat around in our PJs enjoying each others company, talking the night away...

...and having a real laugh at Tinder...

But when the conversation left the topic of social media dating, we scared ourselves absolutely silly thinking that someone had wandered into the house...or that there was something upstairs...

* E E E E K K K *

I will admit, I was terrified - I'm a right scaredy-cat, but Sharon protected us all beautifully and used the iron poker from the fire in a very useful, protector-weapon manner...

I slept a lot better that evening knowing I had Sharon nearby that's for sure.

Sadly I had to be up and on my way on Sunday ready for work on Monday morning, so I left the rest of the ladies to their daily outing and evening wood-wanderings and off home I popped.

But it was just so much fun - I really can't wait until next time.

I do love my girlie holidays

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