Wednesday 10 December 2014

Toxicfox Send Me Claireabella Crazy

Have you ever had one of those days where anything and everything just seems to go terribly wrong?


From that early morning dreaded one 'brow refuses to co-operate drama, to finding that there is no milk left for that all important first coffee, to then find no free car parking spaces at work, which naturally means a freezing cold hike down a hill in full on gale force gusts.

Yep - I'm sure we can all relate to THOSE kind of days now can't we.

But then there are times when even these disaster-days can be salvaged.

And by some stroke of amazing luck - something - anything - happens and it makes everything totally perfect again.

That one thing, however big or small, is capable of eliminating every aspect of the rubbish day, almost as though it never even happened.

Yes, I have certainly had a few of those kind of days - one very recently actually.

On this particular evening, my little moment of rubbish-forgetting-happiness came in the form of a fantastic package from those wonderful people at Toxicfox.

I have always been a fan of the Claireabella range - ever since I first saw it pop up all over the TV.

From Corrie to TOWIE, it seemed all the stars had their own little piece - and I remember really wanting in on the action, but I unfortunately never got around to it.

Until now that is.

Now I have my very own hand-made, hand-designed and hand-crafted Claireabella bag and I couldn't be happier.

It's fab.

The material is really strong and sturdy but without being too stiff.
I've found with jute bags I have used in the past that they can be quite scratchy and really uncomfortable to hold.

But not this one - the handle is really soft and slightly padded too - not a scratch in sight.

I personalised my bag online and it was so easy - all it took was a few option choice-clicks and then *bingo!* - off all of my details went, ready to be turned into something individual and fabulous.

I actually very much adore the finished product.

Everything about it is just great - especially how neat and tidy it all is.

There is even a sprinkling of silver glitter across the whole design and it is obvious to see a lot of time has been spent getting it all just perfect.

I mean check out the very cute bow and heart detail near the handle...

Very cute

Another new addition to my household found inside my amazing package was this brilliant Heart Matt-Framed typography picture

I love the fact that this is really unique and personal to me and my family - it is really going to make a lovely addition to my living room.

And, again, it was just so easy to create.

On the website, categories such as word colour, frame colour, words to be included are all individually looked at and choices are hand-picked and then put together, along with some pretty sparkly gems which all help to create this really striking finished item.

A perfect gift for someone special this Christmas I reckon...well...I know I would love to receive one anyway...

~ Pretty ~

Toxicfox also, very kindly, sent me a very vintage-y looking, very pretty and very useful Messy Baker cooking apron to have a little peek at too

I mean - just look at it!!

Do pinny's actually get anymore glamorous than this...?

I think not.

And not only is the name of the company - "Messy Baker" - very apt for myself, what with me being a Baker (by name only!) and all, but I also do have a little love of baking...and have been know to make a little bit of a mess whilst doing so from time to time...

What a perfect pressie for me this is then!

Oh - and it is obviously very cute too of course.

I adore pink

I adore hearts

I adore the cute contrasting materials


I adore the fab little pocket on the front too

A total winner in my book

Make sure you check out Toxicfox - and fast too, especially if you are after a Claireabella for a surprise Christmas pressie

...these handmade creations need a little time to be put together...

I found that the website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate and I really rather enjoyed watching the gift guide suggestion videos that are slotted in on various pages.

They help make for a more fun, unique shopping experience.

And whilst you're there, shopping away, make sure you use the offer code TFBLOG at the checkout to save yourself 10% too!

Let me know what fab treats you pick up

* items sent to review - opinions and pictures are all my own

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