Saturday 6 December 2014

Cote Ghyll Cottage - A Sykes Cottages Blogger Holiday

! Yay !

We did it again

The Blogger Ladies took another little road trip, and this time last week I was waking up in a lovely cottage in the teeny village of Osmotherley in North Yorkshire.
(find here)

And it was once again down to those fantastic-o people at Sykes Cottages (find here) that helped make this happen...our Blogger Holiday Number Two

~ I think I can see a twice yearly tradition forming here ~

So last Friday, I excitedly finished work early, nipped in for a quick hair wash at my hair dressers (money very well spent in my eyes!) and after the school run was all done, off I went - all brave and on my own - to meet the rest of the ladies already waiting for me.

Apart from a few "Eeek how dark is this motorway" moments and one particularly terrifying "Oh My God, where did that sharp bend come from" episode, I arrived in fairly good time, and immediately set about exploring my weekend home.

The cottage...well it was more of a house really...was down a r-e-a-l-l-y long, woodland surrounded drive, which made for some very beautiful views and was obviously oh-so peaceful...

...but it was a tad scary - especially with my over-active midnight...on a Saturday evening...after a few Gins...

But it was undoubtedly very pretty.

The cottage had a caravan park next door which was closed for the season and a little bridged water fall a teeny walk away.

Very relaxing.

And the house itself?

~ photo credit to the lovely Sharon at Stargazyeys ~

Well it was just really cosy - and very clean (important!) - and all lovely and pretty.

There were four bedrooms, each sleeping two people...

~ Awww - my room! ~

...and inside of the games room downstairs...

...the sofa pulled out into a bed too, so we had plenty of room to rest our weary (drunken??) heads.

The living room had three sofas, beanbags and cushions, so lots of things to plonk ourselves on for out Disney Movie Marathons...

And the kitchen-diner was really spacious and fully stocked with everything we could need - we even had a washing machine and a dishwasher.

The bathroom and toilet were separate too - very handy with a house of eight beauty bloggers who all like to spend "a few moments " on their pampering...

Oh and we also had a downstairs loo and shower...which I forgot to photograph (duh!)

Something we didn't quite bank on was the lack of mobile connectivity - brilliant if you really want a weekend away from everything and everyone...not so great if you have social media to be keeping up with.

Thankfully the cottage did have some WiFi...if you sat in just the right spot...which naturally we all made sure we scoped out...

I love the beautiful properties Sykes Cottages have on offer...a few of us even found ourselves chatting on Twitter last night and bookmarking a couple of other places we quite fancy checking out next year...

Thanks again Sykes Cottages - you know how to make us ladies happy!

Oh - and there will be another post shortly on our weekend antics...

Ooooh - I do love holidays

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