Tuesday 30 December 2014

Denim From DressKode

It's no secret that I like my clothes...just ask my poor Hubby, what with his less than a quarter of the space in our large shared wardrobe ...

...ah well...

It is also no secret that whilst I love nothing more than getting all glammed up every now and again, my main criteria for clothing choices has got to be comfort.

If I'm totally honest, I'm a little bit of a slob really...

...but what can I say, I love pulling on a nice pair of jeans with a huge oversized sweatshirt...if I'm forced out of my PJs that is...

I do love a good old lounge about.

So naturally, I was majorly happy when DressKode very kindly helped feed my love of denim coloured comfiness when they sent me a pair of their jeans - through etailPR - to enjoy at my leisure.

I couldn't wait to pull them on...

...obviously with a chilled out, laid back, super relaxed hoodie...

...of course...

The material of these jeans is super soft and stretchy - they are more jeggings than jeans really.

I wore them to a play-gym and managed lots of running upstairs, lots of squatting and crawling about and they didn't loose their shape or fit at all.

Which was a bonus.

I really did like the fit of these and although they had quite a low rise waist - never usually a good thing for me - I found that I wasn't having to pull them up too much - which was a bonus.

And as you can see from the snaps, I wore these with flat converse, but I could have easily teamed them with heels and the length would have been perfect.

The only downside to these jeans for me was something only very teeny, but I thought I would mention it anyway.

I wasn't all too keen on the tiny little blingy diamantes that they had at the sides of each of the pockets.

Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely a girl who appreciates a little bit of sparkle in her life, but on my more casual, laid back clothes, I'm not so much a fan - I prefer things plain and simple.

But this was only a small thing and it is simply down to my own personal preferences - the stud was only very small - nothing too noticeable really and I do know a lot of people who would love this little bit of jean-bling.

I actually never do usually wear tops that are of a bum-showing length anyway, so it's very unlikely that they will ever be on show too much.

On the whole I found these jeans great - really comfortable, flattering, very easy to wear and easy to style.

Thank you very much DressKode

*Jeans provided via etailPR for an honest review - words and thoughts are all my own

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