Wednesday 24 December 2014

Shoetique Winter Boots

It's looking highly unlikely, near on impossible, that we'll be getting anything that resembles a white Christmas this year.

A wet, windy and wild Christmas looks like a more realistic option I think.

But one thing is for sure - the snow, or at least the cold, will certainly come.

* g r o a n *

Myself and snow do not get along.

Not at all.

No - actually that's not the whole truth - me and snow do not get along at all if I have to drive in it.

If I can stay at home or go out with my son to have loads of fun sledging, then the snow I can totally cope with (the cold - not so much!) but the second there is any prospect of me having to clamber into the car to go to work for example - then it all becomes one huge disaster area.

I'm not all that good on my own two feet in the white slippery stuff, so put me in control of four wheels...?

Eeek - I just stand zero chance!

But lets not focus on all of that right now - lets take a few moments and concentrate on me keeping upright on my own two feet.

Well it is a brilliant source of transport - a safer one for me anyway - particularly now that I'm all footwear kitted out that is.

Thanks to Shoetique I now have these fab Tamaris, burgundy, fluffy, furry-lined boots in my possession, and my-oh-my, they are certainly going to be keeping my tootsies happy, warm and dry no matter what this winter throws my way.

The boots are said to be made from a "DUO-Tex membrane", which is apparently a water-resistant material - perfect for the snow and all of that rain which we will definitely be getting lots of...

The boots have a really soft, warm furry lining down the leg area - which is brilliant for added warmth - as is the soft padded inner sole - which will not just help insulate my toes (thank goodness), but it will also keep my feet all lovely and comfy.


 And just take a look at the huge, chunky, solid sole that they have!

I think even I would feel safe in the iciest of weathers with these on my feet.

As I'm usually a jeans-and-jumpers kind of gal (when I can drag myself out of my PJs that is...), that is what I would most likely be teaming these boots with...more than likely with a pair of leggings underneath too to fight off the chill...and as you can see - they do look pritty great with jeans...

The lace up detail of the boots can be adjusted to suit - so no more slack boots sliding down the leg, or struggles to pull on those extra tight fitting ones.

These can simply be tied and made to fit - no matter the calf size.

I really do love these boots and they are really going to make my life a lot easier in the freezing cold, wet and slippery wintery weather.

Dashing from the car to work or the supermarket will no longer be a "take my pride into my own hands" kind of a mission.

I will be able to walk upright, in warmth, with no soggy toes, knowing that I will make it to my destination without falling flat on my face.

And for this - Shoetique - I think I love you

* Boots provided for review - words, pictures and thoughts are all my own

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