Thursday 1 January 2015

Happy New Year

I wasn't going to post about the whole New Year thing at all - I figured everyone may be a little fed up of reading posts like that by now - but then, as I was sat in the bath (of all places) getting ready to go to a New Year family house party last night I thought, well yes I actually do want to post about a few of the things I got up to in 2014.

So that is exactly what I decided to do...

...and I began straight away, and took my laptop to the family house party I was attending and began writing last night...

...but it was before all of the fun began, so that's surely OK isn't it...

So what did I decide that I wanted to post about?

Well, even though I have been blogging for what feels like quite a while now, I am actually still quite new to everything.

I am still making mistakes, still finding my feet, still learning and still having a lot of fun.

And that's all fantastic and exactly what blogging is all about.

My blog is only just over a year old but I have certainly learnt a whole lot within the year.

Things such as...

...there are a whole lot of blooming lovely, genuine people out there...

And thankfully I have had the amazing pleasure of meeting a whole group of them.

Some of the ladies I spend a lot more time with than the others, but everyone has been just so brilliant, supportive and fantastic.

I mean, who knew you could actually make genuine friends so fast and so easily - and all thanks to the power of the internet.

~ Shhhh ~

Just don't go telling my Mum I have actually met up with people I found online... is possible to meet Jamie Redknapp and not faint...

Who in the world actually knew that this was a real life possibility!

Meeting him, taking selfies with arms fixed (perhaps a little too tightly...) around his waist - *sigh* - and being able to remain upright on two feet

Such an amazing concept.

And not only that, his beautiful wife Louise was present too

All the famous people and no swooning...

Miracle! is very much OK to have your own opinion...

And that opinion doesn't have to fit in with, or be the same as other people's, simply because you are friends.

So what if I like a blogger and my friends don't.

So what if they like high-end and I'm more high-street.

So what if I like sprouts and they hate them.

Does it really actually matter?

Even in the blogging world, people are individuals and still all think differently.

But not everyone will like this - but so what?

I mean when can you ever please everyone all of the time?

You can't.

So no, it doesn't really matter at all.

...well, that's what I think anyway...

...when you learn how important doing your eyebrows are, they will be the thing that takes up most of your daily make-up time...

Without a doubt

I have gone from not ever doing a single thing with my 'brows except giving them the odd pluck and tidy up to being obsessed with getting them just right.

They certainly take up a whole lot of my time in a morning these days that's for sure.

...I am capable of winning things...

And pritty amazing "things" at that...

And I'm not going to lie - I really hope this winning streak continues well throughout 2015

...I would be crazy not to hope though wouldn't I...

...blogging is an amazing hobby to have...

...for all of the reasons above and a whole lot more.

~ I love the people it has introduced me to

~ I love the brands it has allowed me to work with

~ I love the fun it has brought me

I just love it and genuinely enjoy doing it so much.

So Happy New Year all - here's to an amazing blogging-filled 2015

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