Sunday 22 February 2015

Shopping At Fat Buddha

There's nothing I like more than opening a box containing an all new, all fabulous pair of amazing shoes.

It just fills me with happiness.

Pretty things for the feet are always a winner in my book

...and so it would seem, they are also winners in the Hubby's book too...

I think this may be the second time now that a box containing new footwear has arrived at my doorstep and wasn't for me...

And this makes me sad

...and a little sulky...

But never mind - the delivery certainly made the Husband happy anyway.

This particular box was sent from those people at the clothing store Fat Buddha (find them here)

Great name eh.

Fat Buddha was first established in Glasgow, born from the idea that the city lacked anywhere selling the basics of street culture.

To help meet such needs, Fat Buddha opened it's doors in 2006 and they haven't looked back since.

The website followed shortly after, answering the demand of fans living further afield - many who regularly travelled from all over Scotland just to visit the store.

Fat Buddha have a whole array of amazingly fashionable clothing, footwear and accessory choices - mainly for men...but I'm sure there are a fair few things that could easily be adapted to suit the ladies too.

I know I for one love nothing more than pulling on a huge oversized jumper or hoodie for a lovely laid-back, lounging look.

But I've wandered off track slightly - back to the Husband and his feet.

So, when we opened this shoe box - the one which arrived that sadly wasn't meant for me (sob!) - we were both very impressed with what was inside

These Nike Blazer's (find here) looked great - really smart and rather impressive.

The monochrome colouring means that they are a really classic trainer and will go with most outfit choices

My Husband has worn these on a few nights out, casually during the day and has even managed to dress them up for a christening

Nikes in church - who would have thought it.

The material of these trainers is really different too - it just makes me want to scratch them all over - they aren't leather or suede or canvas either but are more of a vinyl type material.

This also makes me want to think that this material would help to make the shoes slightly waterproof - which is great for our very unpredictable British weather conditions.

The Hubby is certainly a fan of these anyway and I have been told countless times just how comfortable they are and that the fit is perfect too.

~ Brilliant ~

And what's even better for the penny-pinching duo that we are, is that we found these little lovelies in the sale section on the website too, and they were only £25

An absolute bargain!

I highly recommend that you check out Fat Buddha - they have so many great bits I don't think you could fail to find something that would take your fancy.

I'm having trouble steering the Husband away from the site now he has discovered it that's for sure...!

Happy Shopping

*item sent for free for consideration of an honest review.Words & photographs all my own

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