Friday 20 February 2015

#SpreadTheLove - With Cakes

There should always be time for some love-sharing, happiness-giving, smile-inducing, positive-mood provoking acts don't you think?

It's always nice to feel happy, smiley, warm and fuzzy.

Intellicig launched a campaign as they wanted to #SpreadTheLove - and not just on Valentine's Day either, but help to promote a little bit of good-deed sharing as much, and as often as possible.

And how did they spread the love with me?

Well, they homed in on my fondness of all things calorific and sent me a lovely box crammed full of fabulous baking goodies.

Just how fab is it!

I really couldn't wait to get started on my own little bit of a #SpreadTheLove idea, and I initially decided to pull together some low syn creations to take to my Slimming World group...but then...well, if I'm honest, the chocolate and calorie-laden options totally won me over and I decided it just had to be cakes, cakes, cakes all the way.

Now with it being the half-term holidays at the moment, I love activities I can get my son involved in.

Baking is something that we both really enjoy - and whilst his nine year old attention span doesn't always last until the very end of the activity he does enjoy giving it a good attempt.

So, fabulous pinny in place - what exactly did I decide to do in my do to #SpreadTheLove?

Well I made an array of goodies - all incorporating chocolate of course - for my son's Half-Term-Holiday-Sleepover.

Nothing says happiness to nine year old kiddies than sweets and chocolate now does it.

I pulled all of the fab goodies out of the box and set to work.

I loved everything, especially how they all centred around hearts and love - they look perfect in my kitchen.

I mean, come on, heart measuring cups - how brilliant!

I decided to whip up a simple (as easy as possible!) chocolate sponge cake mixture and made some easy-peasy cupcakes with it.

Then as there was so much mixture leftover I used the very fancy Cup-Cake (get it - cup cake) moulds and popped some in there too for a few extra special looking creations

Then the creativity continued...

~ We had heart-shaped chocolate brownies with white and milk chocolate chips inside...

~ We had heart-shaped chocolate chip cookies...


My kitchen smelt beyond amazing

So the question has to be really - did I manage to actually spread any love and happiness around?

Well - the Sleepover Crew and my Hubby were very happy when they saw what they were up against anyway - so I'd certainly class it as a bit of a success

The fab box of goodies had a selection of sweet decorations inside too and they certainly proved very useful...

Ooooh - my mouth is actually watering right now.

And what's more - yes more - if you're anything like me, with about a zillion recipe books dotted about, each with two or three favourites in, having to search through each and every one before managing to find exactly what you are looking for, then a little recipe notebook would prove very useful...

And now I have one.

All of the most important sweet treats jotted down and kept in just the one, ultra convenient place.

~ Genius ~

So - fancy Spreading The Love yourself?

There's a chance for you to win one of these fabulous heart-shaped treat kits all for your very own!

All you have to do it check out the Rafflecopter options below

It couldn't be easier - and is ideal with Mother's Day fast approaching...

~ Good Luck ~

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Baking

*goodies sent free of charge - a competition, collaborative post

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