Wednesday 11 March 2015

Mother's Day Treats From Lush

I do love me a little bit of a scene-setting back-story to a blog post.

And never one to want to disappoint, naturally this little post has it's own tale to tell too.

One evening, just a week or so ago, I came home from work feeling totally and utterly -

* U R G H *

- there is no other way to describe it really.

It was so bad in fact that I could have quite easily stepped out of my own skin for a while - if that makes any sense at all...

...I just felt so irritated and unsettled and I couldn't stop myself from moaning...
(well, that bit is nothing new really...)

I think I drove the Husband past any kind of toleration point, but rather than tell me to "Bloody Shut Up" (as he usually would) he uttered a slightly shocking sentence instead...

"Why don't you go and have a Lush bath and I'll sort tea out."

I haven't shifted my backside up the stairs as fast - ever!

~ Winning on all accounts wasn't I there ~

So into the bathroom I went, pulling out one of the newest Lush treats to land in my possession as I went.

It was the rather huge Ultraviolet Bubble Bar which I was very kindly given - after a demonstration of all of it's bubbly goodness - at the Lush Meadowhall event (see here)

What's even better about this is that it is from the current Lush Mother's Day range, and being a Mum myself, I was very impressed I had an opportunity to try it out first hand.

At the Lush Meadowhall event we were even allowed to play with it a little bit - which was really rather brill!

It was all paired with the Gorilla Perfume Kerbside Violet...for...well - for very obvious reasons really - they are both crammed full with lots of lovely violet.

We were shown it, encouraged to give it a sniff, we made lots of bubbles with it and then took a peek at all of the lovely purple water packed with shimmery glitter it made - very appealing and pretty.

Just what Mum's want on their special day - relaxation and a bit of sparkle.

And with this having a price tag of just under five pounds I can't fault it's value for money either.

I mean it is pritty huge - palm sized for me - so I know I'll be getting a lot of bubble baths for my money from it.

Now on a "normal day", I personally don't go for floral scents of any kind when it comes to my beauty products really, but I really did like this a lot.

Perfect for pulling me out of my crazy mood.

I ran myself a lovely hot bath and crumbled a section of the bar under the running water.
It immediately began to bubble up, turning the water a fab colour and filling the bathroom with such a beautiful scent.

It was so relaxing and calming - I felt better before I was even in the water.

And then once I was submerged, oooh, it was pure bliss.

I felt better immediately and my skin felt amazingly soft.

I was so relaxed and chilled out and felt much more like myself again.

A little miracle in purple is this one I think...

Lush has certainly done it again!

*Item gifted after a PR event.All words and photographs are my own

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