Saturday 14 March 2015

The Amazing Handmade Burger Co.

I know I'm pritty much obsessed with trying to loose weight, eat healthily, exercise regularly and look a certain way, but it's not an easy thing to want to strive to be to successful at.

Certainly not if you're really a total foodie like I am.

I just can't help it.

I blooming love lovely food.

And, no matter how many amazingly healthy/good-for-you/low-calorie recipes I follow, make and totally enjoy, the food I love the absolute most is always the calorie laden, yummiest of the yummy kind of food that certainly isn't meant to be enjoyed if partaking in any kind of healthy eating plan.

But what can I do?

Well - sometimes (even if the guilt does kick in a little bit) - I make sure that I do eat it and that I blooming well enjoy it as I'm doing so.

A few weeks ago I attended a fab event in Sheffield hosted by the lovely Billie at I Am Billie (find post here) and it was here that I had my first experience of The Handmade Burger Co.

Oh my goodness

What a good food day that was...

I began enjoying everything about the restaurant as soon as I wandered in.

It had a real laid back, friendly feel to it - totally my kind of place.

The decor was really modern, un-cluttered and made for a really nice place to just sit, eat and enjoy.

I was a little in awe of all of the fabulous sounding burgers on offer and I must admit I totally changed my mind about a zillion times before placing my final order.

There were just so many options

My first inclination was to go with a peanut butter and bacon infused beef burger, then my second choice was to opt for a Hawaiian burger crammed with juicy pineapple...but that was until I spotted an amazingly sounding onion bhaji burger on the vegetarian menu...
(Yep - there are lots of yummy vegetarian options available too!)

I just couldn't decide at all.

Whilst I was being all difficult and fussy, I did notice that the restaurant offer a separate kiddies menu which, for a Mum like me, is always an amazing thing to find

In the end, I opted for a peppered beef burger which sounded too good to miss out on - crammed with onion rings, a flat mushroom, caramelised red onion, tomato and peppercorn sauce...

Well, it would have been rude not to give it a whirl wouldn't it.

And I wasn't disappointed in my choice at all

The burger arrived and I actually didn't know quite what to do with it.

It was seriously massive - so much so that I had to cut it in half and then attempt to tackle it that way

But not even that could help was just so jam-packed full of tasty I gave up and had to use my knife and fork...

I know, I know - scandalous - but I was that desperate to get it in my mouth and it was the fastest way for me to be able to get the yumminess in my belly.

It was delicious - cooked to total perfect.

All of the flavours totally complemented each other, providing a really hearty, filling, very tasty burger.

And then if the burger alone wasn't enough to satisfy, we had so many yummy sides presented to us too, it was almost too much choice...

...but we managed - somehow...

Everything was fab - from the onion rings to the sweet potato fries, to the coleslaw - I seriously couldn't get enough.

We also had "normal" fresh cut chips and rosemary salted chips - and I think that at my end of the table, we had a resounding "Sides Winner"

The Rosemary Salted Chips were just out of this world.

Highly recommended - I could have very easily eaten everyone's share of them, they were so good.

I certainly left a very satisfied lady.

I am so grateful to Billie for introducing me to Handmade Burger Co, and I am so grateful to Handmade Burger Co for being such amazing hosts and for making such fantastic food.

I will undoubtedly be back!

*meal provided free of charge as part of a blogger meet up.Thoughts, pictures & words all my own

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