Saturday 21 March 2015

Rola Wala - Fab Indian Streetfood In The Heart Of Leeds

I'm definitely a lady who loves her grub.

Which is why I tend to find myself constantly watching what I eat - it's certainly a case of "once I pop I can't stop" when I'm surrounded by all things calorific.

Buffet tables are my nemesis!

But what can I say?

I love good food.

And because I live in Bradford and have done all of my life - the Bradford which was once labelled "Curry Capital Of Britain" - I reckon it's only natural for me to love a good spicy dish or two.

Hmmm....and enjoy them I certainly do.

So...well...I must admit that I was a tad jealous when the Hubby bagged himself a fab sounding visit to Rola Wala - which means "The Man That Rolls" in Hindi -  in Trinity Kitchen, Leeds very recently.
(find details here)

Rola Wala, the people who provide yummy food...

....yummy Indian food at that...

* cue grumpy sigh from me *

But then the Hubby told me that both myself and my son had been asked to tag along too and partake in some of the lovely grub tasting...yep, I'm not gunna lie, my mood notably improved immediately.

(And they say food is the way to a man's heart...)

So last weekend we popped on over to Leeds to tantalise our taste buds.

Rola Wala first opened, temporarily, in Leeds in April 2014 but because they were so popular they were asked to come back to the city and set up their very first permanent restaurant in the ever popular Trinity Kitchen.

Fab Eh!

It was in October 2014, in an attempt to provide the people of Leeds with fast, fresh, Indian street-food, that they opened their amazing, not-going-anywhere doors, and I reckon they did so very successfully too.

As we arrived, we were met with some really friendly staff who talked us through the very easy ordering process and set us off straight away.

Rola Wala have a choice of three meat fillings and three vegetarian fillings, so there is plenty of choice whatever your preference without over-facing you with a vast array of choices.

Fewer, better executed choices help speed up the ordering process - which is exactly what you want on a busy, need to rush lunch-time.

The filling options can be served either wrapped up in a naan bread or sat on a bed of lovely steamed wild rice which is then accompanied with yummy fresh salad and a choice of various different sauces

~ Yum ~

The Hubby and the son both opted for the naan bread wraps whilst I decided to try out the rice bowl

Steaming rice, kashmiri chicken, pickled onion, carrots and cabbage, garnished with fresh coriander, lemon juice and then drizzled in chilli and yoghurt sauces, I was all set to go

Oh, and I also tried out a little of the charred paneer cheese...which is very holoumi-like...from the vegetarian option too...

...well, why not eh...

And let me tell you, it was all blooming amazing.

The chicken was so tender and spiced beautifully.

The chilli sauce added a real hot, spicy kick to the dish but then the yoghurt sauce was there to help tone it all down a little
(not that I minded - I do love a bit of spice)

I managed to snaffle a little bite of both the Hubby and son's wraps, and they were both out of this world too

All of the different flavours really complemented each other perfectly.

I could easily visit Rola Wala for lunch every day..but luckily for my waist-line I live a tad too far away to make this an actual reality...but if I could, I really, really would...

We also tried a few of the yet-to-be-launched, made in house beverages too - my lemonade was so tasty, refreshing and definitely more-ish.

The boys enjoyed a rather strange, fruity combo of mango, lime and turmeric...which they loved and I - obviously - tried too and I found it really nice, a tad strange - but in a good way - it was certainly a flavour combo I hadn't expected but it really worked.

I can see it being a huge hit.

I'm definitely a fan of Rola Wala and will be back again.

Thanks for the brilliant hospitality guys - we certainly felt very welcome and the food was simply ah-mazing

See you again soon!

*meal provided free of charge for the Hubby to review - I liked it that much I gave an honest review too!

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