Wednesday 24 June 2015

A Trip To Sheffield For #BloggersUniteSummer15

I think for me, one of the - no - probably the best thing I have found since I began my blog is that there are so many amazingly brilliant and lovely like-minded people out there.

Once I'm over all of the initial nervousness, there's nothing more I enjoy doing than attending different blogging events.

They are always so much fun and give me an opportunity to either have a good old catch up with people I have already met over the last two years, or allow me to continue meeting, and getting to know, even more brilliant new faces.

~ It's really not a bad hobby to have is it ~

A few Saturday's ago I found myself in one of these "let's go meet people" scenarios, and now because the Hubby - A Blokes Eyeview - has a blog too it's nice that we get to occasionally go to events together
(I still like a bit of girls-only time too though!)

Anyway, on this particular occasion we headed over to Sheffield to the Eat Eaten Cafe in the town centre for the #BloggersUniteSummer15 event, and although the weather was anything but summery, we still had a really relaxed, really fun few hours.

And all thanks to Hannah, Frankie and Emma for inviting us!

Initially I was a little apprehensive about the proposed ice-breaker task that greeted us as we entered the room - a bit of a bloggers speed dating activity - but once it began it was really fun...and really, really noisy!

The aim was to get us speaking and interacting with each other for a few minutes at a time, finding out random information about people we may have never even set eyes on in the past, before moving down the line and doing the same again.

My Hubby was in his element - a room full of beautiful ladies and him the only male blogger for them to chat to - he loved it

But then again, so did I - there really are some fantastic people out there

Once we had exhausted all avenues of question asking we had a short "catch-your-breath-break" before sitting down to hear all about three new product ranges being launched by a Sheffield based entrepreneur - two specifically for hair care and one which can be used for all kinds of body care.

The founder of the ranges, Ben Collins and the lovely Faye talked us through the products and the reasons why they are what they are...

~ Keratin Revolution ~

This is predominantly a salon based product containing hydrolysed keratin which helps to nourish every individual hair strand resulting in amazingly soft, sleek, fuzz-free hair.

Sounds like something I could fall in love with.

~Noir Caviar ~

Now Noir Caviar is a very luxuriously packaged product which is sold as a three step anti-age beauty regime for the hair.

All three products contain caviar, collagen and ceramides which help to stop the ageing process of the hair.

~ Sounds fancy ~

Once I've had a real go with the products - as we were given samples to take away with us (yay!) - I'll make sure I let you know, in more detail, how I have found them.

Another brand in attendance on the day was MooGoo - an Australian skincare company who specialise in using all natural ingredients to treat a whole host of skin issues.

A lot of the ladies seemed very intrigued with these products, especially with MooGoo also having a make-up range on offer.

I was all impressed with the baby suitable products that I found in the catalogue (yep, it's all baby, baby, baby at the moment - I just can't help myself!) and I will certainly be having a little delve into what's on offer within this range that's for sure.

Once we were accustomed to all of the new beauty products on display, it was time for a little more talking, accompanied with the odd beverage drinking, oh and a little bit of food tasting too.

The amazing raffle was drawn just before we left, with all proceeds going to the extremely worthwhile charity Look Good Feel Better...

 Unfortunately for me, my luck was very much out on the day and I won nothing, however the Hubby did win a rather fabulous brow taming kit...which I (obviously!) managed to snaffle away from him.

Before we said our goodbyes, it was time for a jam-packed goody bag to land in each of our laps and it was literally crammed with loveliness.

Very happy, very spoilt and very talked out, it was then time to leave Sheffield and head home...

Thanks for having us ladies - see you next time!

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