Thursday 25 June 2015

Fun, Fancy Tea With An IngenuiTea Maker

Hands up if you love a good cuppa.

Yep, me too - nothing beats it, especially after a really long, hard slog of a work day.

I'm actually more known for being a bit of a coffee fiend if I'm honest - I used to have quite a lot of the stuff at one point - however, since I became pregnant, I wouldn't exactly say I've "gone off" of the taste of it but I would now much rather have a steaming hot mug of tea instead.

So it was fairly obvious then that when I was asked if I would like to have a little try of a fancy tea making contraption along with some pritty fab varieties of loose tea that I said yes.

I must admit, loose tea is kind of a new concept to me - at home I'm more a Yorkshire-Tea-from-a-bag kind of a gal, I mean I do have a little loose-tea-appropriate-tea-pot but it very rarely comes out of the cupboard.

But when I'm at work I do struggle a little bit - I'm always on the go and I find it really difficult to ever actually sit down and spend a few minutes savouring a good, hot cuppa.

It really is quite a disaster

They either go cold before I get a chance to take a sip or I can never get my hands on any milk which isn't a week or so past it's sell-by-date...

So what's the solution?

Well, simply take the IngenuiTea maker to work with me of course!


~ Quickly

~ With no milk required

~ Problem solved ~

And it really has been working for me - quite successfully too I may add.

This handy little teapot-like contraption is small enough to fit on my over-crowded desk and it allows me to make a life-saver of a drink in absolutely no time at all

Loose tea is popped directly into the plastic pot and then boiling water should be poured directly on top of this

After a few minutes all of the flavoursome loose tea has steeped and infused into the water and it is ready.

And then comes the clever part.

Simply pop a mug underneath the teapot, sitting it directly onto the rim of the mug and watch whilst tea is served.

It's blooming great!

As the teapot hits the mug, a valve is released which allows the tea to flow through and down into the mug whilst all of the loose tea - every single bit of it - remains in the teapot above.

I love it and it still hasn't got old, watching the water filter into the cup below
(I do realise that I'm getting way too excited over a teapot..!)

It's brilliant - but what is a fancy, squeal-creating teapot without any fabulous loose tea to enjoy with it?

Nothing, that's what.

So it's very handy then that I was also sent a selection of fantastic teas to sample alongside the fab IngenuiTEA pot.

I'm not a huge fan (not at all) of green teas so I avoided these like the plague and instead was sent a few of Adagio's slightly "darker options" to tantalise my taste buds and I've really found myself enjoying them.

Today for example, I had a few mugs of the fairly sweet Peach Oolong tea and the smell as it steeped in the hot water was just amazing - my office smelt all fruity for ages - even after the tea was gone.

And obviously is tasted pritty amazing too...

The IngenuiTea maker is now a permanent fixture in my office - it provides me with my much needed tea fix and it does it quickly, with no fuss and with a little element of fun thrown into the mix too...

It's got to be Chocolate Tea tomorrow I think...

Hmmm...what's not to love!

*item sent free of charge to review - thought, words & pictures are all my own

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