Saturday 6 June 2015

Penguins & The Sea Life Sanctuary in Scarborough

If you happen to have stumbled across my blog in the past then you'll know that I do love a good old day trip.

There's nothing better than heading out, family in tow, to visit an all new, all exciting place.

Getting out of the house, into the great outdoors and seeing some new things - you really can't beat it.

Naturally then, when I was asked to pop along to visit the Sea Life Sanctuary in Scarborough I didn't hesitate to say...scream...type very fast... a great big huge "Yes".

I mean why would I even think of declining such a fab offer?

~ I get to see lots of crazily funny and weird looking sea creatures

~ I get a great family day out

~ It is based in Scarborough - so I get to go to the seaside...

~ ...where they have seaside donuts...

~ And the Sanctuary now has those amazingly cute, adorable favourites of mine - penguins!

~ Y a y ~

~ So I get to see those too

! Winning all round I think !

But the penguins weren't the first thing we spotted upon our arrival...

Now the Sea Life Sanctuary isn't slap bang in the middle of the most touristy section of Scarborough, but it isn't all too far away from all of that hustle and bustle either - just a little drive around the coast line and there it is.

I had never ventured into this part of Scarborough before, but I certainly will be including the area in my visits from here on in.

As we drove around, the beaches seemed really clean and weren't packed at all - everything was very surf-orientated which was clear to see - certainly a more laid back, relaxed part of Scarborough than the offerings just around the corner that's for sure.

So, as I mentioned above, the order of the day was to spot some crazily-cute penguins, but first, as we arrived, we had the funny-faced sting-rays in a huge pool to keep us entertained.

I do love these, simply because of their little faces...but can I even call them cute though...?

Hmmm...cute or not I do love looking at them - they make me chuckle.

My son on the other hand thinks they are freaky and weird and tries to get past them as fast as possible.

And speaking of weird and freaky, it was then time to feast our eyes on a few more creatures which certainly fall into these categories - no discussion needed...

Some are just all out crazy-looking aren't they - and here lies the exact reason why I hate venturing more than a toe depth into the sea in any country.

My heart couldn't take it if my eyes saw anything even remotely looking like these little lovelies bobbing past me.

* s h u d d e r *

But I do find it interesting to have the opportunity to see exactly what creatures there are out there - things that I would never, ever expect to find in a million years - things I would certainly never like to touch though.

I couldn't even be tempted to put my hands into the specially-created-for-kiddies-learning-educational-pool...not even under trained supervision - nope - it wasn't happening.

The Hubby on the other hand was obviously feeling all brave and macho...

...and let this little creature latch on to his finger...

Personally I found it much more pleasant looking at the vast array of beautiful jelly-fish - I was really surprised actually to find such a selection of different looking ones.

Some were large, some small, some were plain and some looked like small, dotty mushrooms - it was fab to see...

...especially in their special colour changing tanks - it made them very pretty indeed.

The Sea Life Sanctuary also has some very pretty, very cute (and another massive favourite of mine) furry little creatures in residence too - some otters...who were (typically) all snoozing when we popped by to see them...

...but not to worry - the very cheeky seals in the neighbouring area kept us amused for a lot longer than I'd like to admit.

Within the Sanctuary there is also a little seal hospital area which helps nurse seals back to health.

There was one very sad looking seal inside a sick bay but I couldn't take a picture of him, his little face made me too sad so we headed to the main pool where I found this little fellow who cheered me up no end...

...bobbing around, having a pose - he was brilliant.

And then it was time for the thing I had been waiting for the most...


Penguin Island is a very new addition to the Sea Life Sanctuary as it only opened this year - over the Easter period in fact - and I really loved its layout.

There is a penguin handler with you at all times and only small groups of people can enter the gates at any one time, which I thought was a little strange at first, until I realised that the Humboldt penguins are free to roam around their little island - as close to the human visitors as they like.

~ Fantastic ~

Unfortunately for me, the penguins seemed happiest nearer to their little home area, which is surrounded by sand, and didn't come too close to us.

They much preferred their own company - and swimming in their little pool - than popping over to see us.

People are able to watch the penguins from inside the island, but can also use the little dome windows to get a little more up close and personal with them if they wish...

(I think he saw me!!)

It was such a nice end to our visit - penguins really were one of the cutest...if not quite the quietest...little things we spotted during our trip and they are well worth a visit.

Let me know if you pop along to do some penguin-spotting too

*tickets provided free of charge. Words, picture & opinions are all my own

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