Thursday 11 June 2015

thePinkCowBrand - A Moisturiser Review

Now just because it's been a fair while since anything even remotely beauty related appeared on these pages it doesn't mean that I haven't been trying to look after myself.

On the contrary actually - I've tried to give myself a little extra pamper time as much as I can in recent weeks and I just had to share something I have been absolutely l-o-v-i-n-g with you...

thePinkCowBrand face cream which is described as being  "100% Natural, 0% Bull"

Now when I first heard about this cream I wasn't convinced about it in the slightest if I'm honest and I very nearly turned down the opportunity to test it out.


Well one of the key ingredients within this moisturiser is actually colostrum.

Colostrum is the first milk mammals produce to feed to their young and it helps to kick start their immune and cell regeneration systems.

Immediately when I heard this my back was up and I was thinking all sorts about poor little calfs not having enough nutrients, so I dug a little deeper into the background of the product and I'm really glad I did.

thePinkCowBrand was developed by a man called Denie Hiestand who has spent time working as a health care consultant, an author and a successful New Zealand dairy farmer.

Combining all of his skills, Denie understood that colostrum was very nutrient, protein and vitamin rich and could help aid such things as cell growth, limit cell deterioration linked with the ageing process and could help regenerate skin tissue.

Now even to my novice ear that sounds like an amazing skincare combination.

But what about the cows - aren't the babies going without?

Well, no - it seems there is enough of this wonder colostrum to go around.

The cows used are all outdoor, fully grass-fed, New Zealand cows and the colostrum which is collected from them is only collected under "the most stringent and ethical processes" and it is "only the oversupply" which is collected for use by us humans in these health care products.

~ Good Stuff ~

So with my mind fully at ease that the baby cows of New Zealand were still happily fed and fully nurtured I began applying this seemingly magical product to my face

And oh-my-goodness how my face did thank me.

Magical product it blooming well is.

Initially the scent wasn't totally to my liking at all - it is really quite rich, and can I say slightly milky maybe - but after a few days I was used to it completely.

The cream absorbs amazingly into the skin - just two or three pumps is more than enough to fully cover the whole face area - and the difference it brings is clear to see right there and then.

My face can be pritty dry at times and sometimes feels fairly tight, especially in a morning - but nope, not anymore.

I have been using this cream morning and night and the difference in my face is amazing.

It has seriously got to be one of the best moisturisers I have used.

The tone and texture of my skin is improved, I have fewer spots and even the problem pores on my nose seem reduced, not to mention the softness of my skin - I love this stuff.

I was really surprised too when I read up on the amount of things the cream is actually suitable for...

~ Anti-ageing
~ Anti-wrinkle
~ Moisturising
~ Nourishing
~ Revitalising
~ Healing
~ Eye area
~ Toner
~ Lip Balm
~ Hand Cream
~ Foot Cream
~ Leave in conditioner

It is even pet and child safe - not to mention cruelty free

A perfect all rounder!

Another plus point for the product came recently after I had been abroad - only for a few days - on my friend's hen do - boy did I catch some serious sun.

When I arrived back home my neck and arm area were really quite sore and red - I was very unprepared for the heat I must admit - and the only thing I had at hand to use to try and help was this cow cream.

I only used a small amount (it is really concentrated) and rubbed it into my sore, fairly red upper body and do you know what - it worked.

The cream totally eased the stinging sensation, so much so that I had no problem falling asleep that night and that horrible, tight feeling you get with sunburn all but vanished too.

I found it even helped stop my skin peeling over the following week as I continued to apply it.


I actually can't fully express how much I love this product - it really is amazing and it's going to be a sad, sad day when my bottle runs out.

It is well worth it's $59 splurge price in my book because there's really no need for anything else.

A Fantastic Beauty Find

*product sent free of charge for an honest review. Pictures, opinions & the love for it are 100% my all of my own

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