Tuesday 7 July 2015

Making Memories with Solopress And #alittlememory

I love finding out about fantastic, worthwhile projects that are out there, offering help and support to others so was naturally intrigued when Solopress contacted me regarding their Making Memories campaign.

So, what is it all about?

Well, the campaign - along with it's own little hashtag #alittlememory - has been set up in order to help provide some much needed support...and a little bit of cash...for the very worthwhile, Essex based charity Little Havens Care.

Little Havens Care help youngsters with life-limiting or life-threatening illnesses and offer much needed respite breaks for parents too.

The charity is up and active every hour of every day, all year round - yes, really...as in 365 days each and every year...so the support network they provide, along with the care they offer is amazingly important and valuable to the families who depend upon it.

But how can we help?

Well, Solopress spiked my interest a little when they delivered to my door the cutest little Making Memories box filled with goodies.

Inside I found...

~ a selfie-stick...perfect for those ever popular, all import selfie-taking sessions...

~ an amazing five year memory book...the perfect place to jot down a quick "what happened today" quote and to look back at in years to come to see just what was occurring on this particular day four years ago...


~ my very own #alittlememory book, filled with a selection of my own brilliant "pictures from the past"

~ And I blooming love it ~

The photobook is my favourite, simply because the photos inside are, naturally, all of my beautiful little (and soon to be expanding) family and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I love how just one photograph can stir up lots of old thoughts and feelings - it really is a beautiful thing looking back at happy times.

Myself and my son spent ages looking at the fifteen different snaps within the book and we spoke about each and every one, laughing and recalling what we were doing and where we had been and what we saw that day.

Very much Memory Making at it's best

But how to help Little Havens Care I hear you ask?

Well, it couldn't be easier really.

As we are without a doubt at a point in time where almost everything we do, everything we see, even everything we eat will end up gracing our social media channels at some point, why not do a little good alongside all of the uploading!?

Solopress are asking that you pick your very own #alittlememory photograph, upload it to Twitter using the #alittlememory hashtag and then nominate a friend to do it too to keep the chain going.

Each and every time a photo is tweeted, one pound will be donated, by Solopress, to Little Havens Care

Easy peasy eh!

So get tweeting, get Memory Making and let's help make some money!!

* cute box of goodies was a fab little gift from Solopress to me - and I love it. :)

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