Saturday 29 August 2015

'Married To A Geek' Turns Two

~ Happy Saturday Everyone ~

It's been a fair while since I was organised enough to have time (or the will) to put a post together on a weekend, but, well this is going to be very short and very sweet and will probably only take me five minutes to write.

But I had to mention something because guess what I've just realised today is?

! It's my blog's second birthday !

! "Married To A Geek" is a huge two years old today !

I can't actually believe how fast the past two years have gone - it's crazy to think I've kept something going for so long, and that something I now love more than the day I started it.

It's been absolutely amazing and I'm so happy and fortunate to have discovered a hobby that I enjoy so much.

One which has allowed me to meet, interact with and form lovely friendships with so many fabulous people.

From the amazing "blogging friends" I now have to the amazing brands I have discovered and been lucky enough to work with, this has 100% been an amazing journey - a journey I really do hope I'm still on in another two years time.

~ It's fabulous ~

So a massive thank you goes to all of you lovelies out there for making everything possible and for making the last two years so brilliant.

Please do me a favour though - make sure you all have an amazing day and raise a glass for me (because obviously I can't at the moment) - anything gin or bubble infused will suffice - and have a whole lot of fantastic fun.


Now, where's the cake...

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