Saturday 5 September 2015

Baby Baker Friday - Baby's Initial Essential Items

So as you know, I decided that Friday's on the blog would be dedicated to my now end-nearing pregnancy status.

I know it's not something everyone wants to read about but it is something I really wanted to do - so I'm doing it - after all, being pregnant and having a new baby is a huge thing to be happening in my life and I really wanted to share bits and pieces of what is going on amongst these pages.

So here we go

~ Baby Baker Friday ~

Well, time is certainly passing pritty fast right now.

I'll be a mum-of-two in six weeks time...

~ Scary (but exciting) stuff ~

Saying that though, a lady I know who had a due date fairly close to mine actually had her beautiful little boy a whole week ago really, you never actually know when baby will need to make an appearance when you reach this stage in pregnancy.

Now that's scary stuff!

And for this reason, I like to be organised.

Which is why both mine and Baby Baker's hospital bags are sat, all ready to have the last minute bits thrown into them before they can be grabbed and thrown in the car.

So today, well today I thought I would show you what I've packed for Baby Baker in her little bag.

I've watched so many You Tube video's and read so many baby-bag blog posts to try and get this one right and I'd say I'm quite confident now that I have most things I'm going to need.

I'm on the right track anyway and anything I do realise I've forgotten I'm sending someone out to get it for me so it's not a disaster at all.

So, what do we have packed already then...

Well first up is the bag itself and this red and white striped satchel-style number is actually going to be my changing bag...

My lovely Grandma and Grandad bought this for me from Mothercare and it matches my pram perfectly.

~ Always a bonus ~

The bag was originally priced around the fifty pound mark but I spotted it in the sale for a brilliant £21 (I think) and I just had to grab it.

It comes with a travel sized changing mat and a coordinating bottle warmer too and is really spacious inside with lots of storage compartments

I'm very much back to the days where "travelling light" is a far and distant memory now aren't I...

Which leads me nicely onto the contents currently packed inside...

~ Nappies and wipes are a must obviously...

The nappies are actually packed in my bag at the moment as I didn't quite have enough room for a full pack of them inside Baby Baker's bag plus everything else she needs.

I chose Pampers Sensitive in the first size they do (4-11lb) and picked up a few of these 23 packs simply because they were on offer in Boots recently and worked out costing just £3 each.
(I do like a bargain!)

I have other brand wipes but have heard good things about Water Wipes so I stocked up on these for the early days too - especially as they were also on offer in Boots.

I also popped in a pack of nappy bags and a sample size tube of bum cream - I suppose it's not always good to put anything unnecessarily onto baby's skin, but this doesn't take up much room inside the bag, and it was a freebie, so in it went - "just incase".

~ Clothing is essential...

But obviously I don't know how big or small Baby Baker will be until she is here so I have packed three vests and three babygrows for a weight up to around 7lb...

...and three of each for a weight up to around 10lb...

I figured these would cover the main baby-weight bases.

I really wanted to pack a really cute outfit to bring Baby Baker home in too but after I thought about it I decided it would be silly to spend lots of money on two special outfits to accommodate each size range, so I'm going to choose the plainest babygrow from the size that she is and keep that for going home and will team it with a really cute Ted Baker pink floral hat and blanket that I have spotted in this print...

It will make the "going home outfit" a little more special without costing me a fortune.

You can't go wrong with something pink, floral and with baby's surname on now can you...
(I'm sad I know!)

~ Hats, Scratch Mittens and Socks...

I've popped in two basic hats - one a little bigger than the other - just to ensure baby is all warm and toasty and I will add the Ted Baker one in too for home-time.

Although most of the babygrows I have do have inbuilt scratch mitts in the arms and all have feet in them, I've put in a few extra pairs of mittens and teeny-tiny socks into the bag too.

Because you never know...

~ A blanket...

I really like this plain, cellular blanket I picked up from George for just £4.

It is really simple and will keep Baby Baker warm in the hospital without being too heavy.

I'll also have the Ted Baker one with me at the hospital aswell which is a little thicker for the outside-travelling-home temperatures.

~ Bibs and Muslin Squares...

I have five of each of these packed - for obvious reasons!

Babies do tend to be sick now and again after all.

I'm hoping to breastfeed (fingers crossed for me I can do it!) so a few of the muslin squares will be kept to one side for throwing over my shoulder to cover me up - especially if Baby Baker gets peckish during hospital visiting hours.

~ A coat...

Now I was thinking of buying a little padded jacket of some sort but then I figured that a not-too-thick snowsuit would be better for the October weather so I picked this one up for just £8 from George.

I knew I would need one like this anyway for days out in the pram and although it's unlikely that the weather will be mega freezing (although you never know with British weather) Baby Baker is still going to need to be wrapped up - just without being made to feel too hot.

This coat is perfect, both for coming home and for the earlier, slightly warmer first outing weeks.

Plus its mega soft and cosy too.

~ We also have a car to take with us, obviously for travelling home but that is at my mum's house at the moment as it is apart of our pram travel system.

And that's it

Baby Baker's first essentials all packed and ready to go

Do let me know if you think I've missed anything though...

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