Thursday 10 September 2015

George at ASDA - Helping Us With #GettingCoolForSchool

Well, there's no mistaking that "back to school" feeling right now - my shattered body calls out for my bed daily at, oh, around 11am these days.

Seriously though, I've been such a tired, moaning-minnie today I've even got on my own nerves.

~ Ooops - sorry work colleagues ~

In a way I feel a little strange trying to get myself out of the summer holiday mode and back into the swing of work life when I know that in just a few weeks I'll be finishing again to go on maternity leave.

But it has got to be done - I need to force myself into the whole "school" mindset and if not for my own sanity, then at least to try and get my son settled back into some sort of productive routine.

After all there's no way he's ready to leave school yet - in fact he went back this week as a very big, very old looking Year Five student
(*sob* - where did my baby go?!)

And I have to admit, he certainly looked the part in his lovely brand new, fresh, clean uniform - the majority of which came from George at ASDA.

I'm actually a real fan of George and have popped in more times than I can count over the summer to stock up on baby bits and home improvement nik-naks - the range they have is brilliant and everything is just so reasonably priced.

Obviously then, I knew I was onto a winner choosing from their school uniform essentials and whilst my son is still in primary school, I do like to take advantage of the fact that not everything we buy has to be school-logo adorned, therefore doesn't have to cost the earth.

We do have jumpers and polo shirts with logos on, but having a plain back-up option is always very sensible...

...especially when the quality is great and the cost is a fraction of the price.

So, like many a child, my son is definitely a "I can't walk past a wall or tree or ledge or anything without having to climb up and jump off of it" kind of a boy meaning that I do like to find clothes that are tough and durable enough to withstand a whole lot of this before beginning to fall apart.

I'm not one for wasting pennies.

And if they are easy to wash and maintain too, well, that's a huge plus point - I mean who wants to be scrubbing stains or ironing un-ironable creases out of trousers each and every night?

Certainly not me that's for sure and I've found that actually, I really don't need to.

I picked up two pairs of grey trousers from George for a fab £4.50 each plus a pack of two plain white polo shirts priced at just £3...

I love how the trousers are easy to fasten and also have the adjustable waist band feature inside of them because whilst my son may have the leg length of a typical 9-10 year old, his waist is actually quite small - so adjustable trousers save the day for us...

We like to have a little wander through our nearby park some evenings on our way home and this always results in something adventurous taking place...

...usually something which means that the minute we step through the door I will need to load the washing machine - but it's fine because not only have I found that these trousers wash really well but they can simply be thrown into the dryer afterwards where the majority, if not all, of the creases will drop out too.

No ironing!?

~ Bonus ~

And the same goes for the polo shirts - comfy, well-fitting, easy to wash and a quick iron over removes all of the creases almost straight away.

These are certainly two fab uniform staples.

Something else I picked up, which I was very impressed with, was this very trendy looking blue parka style coat, priced at just £20...

Now my son is the fussiest child I have ever met when it comes to coat shopping - so much so that I now don't even attempt to buy him one if he isn't with me because if I do, I will undoubtedly have to return it to the shop and start all over again.

He is a boy who knows what he likes that's for sure.

But can you believe it - he loved this coat the second he saw it on the website - and I wasted no time in adding it to basket let me tell you!

It fits perfectly and with it's numerous zip-up "secret pockets" I have a sneaky feeling they'll be some stashed Lego figures making their way into school before too long...

And from a Mum's point of view, I think this coat is actually pritty perfect too.

Not only is it nice and padded with a fairly long, mid-thigh length (perfect for warmth in cold weather), it also has an all important hood, a splash proof exterior and a toasty fleecy lining...

...all of which are hugely important for my son because he walks from school to his school club each and every day in all types of weather...

It really helps put my mind at ease when I know he will be warm and comfortable enough wearing the right things.

The next thing to sort then, was the PE kit, so I had a little peek to see what George had to offer and apart from a particular school logo sports t-shirt and black shorts (which we recycled from last year) we had everything to find.

George did not disappoint - they had the lot.

I found a plain grey hoodie complete with a slightly fleeced lining for £6 and some very comfortable, very fleecy and warm dark grey jogging bottoms costing just £6 too...

Not only is my son now ready for outdoor PE in all weathers, he really looks great too.

We road-tested his PE kit before it reached school and found that mud either simply brushed off of the clothes or it washed out very easily and it all certainly did the trick when it came to him being warm and comfortable...

The drinks bottle we chose was robust enough to be flung (not too hard!) around the garden without breaking and the twist cap is amazing for preventing water leakage when tipped up inside a school bag...

...very close to a school reading book...

And whilst I may have made a massive school-girl error with the colour of the PE pumps I chose...

(I don't know what got into me!)

...the fact that they are easy to slip on and off and have a Velcro strap certainly won them some points with my son.

He does like the easy life!

And so, for us, George at ASDA's uniform range is certainly a winner - it's great quality, has a brilliant price tag and keeps my son looking smart whilst making sure he is #GettingCoolForSchool regardless of the antics he gets himself into...

Thank You George!

*uniform items provided in exchange for a "road test" and an honest review - all words, thoughts & photos are my own

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